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December 26, 2006
What's the Best iMovie Quicktime Output Config for browser-based video?

I know many of you have asked me in the past (no, not recently, probably because you've given up on me) to please improve the iMovie output quicktime settings so they'd be better than the "email" default compression/resizing settings.

Well now I'm working on productions for other people, and I hate to be a dork and choose something hastily for someone else's use. Can't bring myself do it actually. So I'm hoping that some of you can bring me up to speed quickly over the next few days so I can make some sensible decisions.

I will post what I learn here.

wow now I really gotta goto bed :-)


Posted by Lisa at 11:28 PM
December 09, 2005
Why No Video Emails For My Type Pad Account?

Almost a month ago, I asked you guys to email me your movies to demo@vemobile.com and let me know the ID number the Type Pad/Video Egg service emailed back to you, so I could use it within my Type Pad blog and do some kind of collaborative video thing.

Not one person emailed me about this, and I find that kind of hard to believe. Now I would appreciate it if those of you who almost did it didn't, for one reason or another. Do you just now have video cell phones? (I sure don't, so I can understand that :-)

I'm wondering what will happen if I email a non-cell phone video to the same address, so I'm going to try that, and just make it a small enough file so it won't upset any file size limitations.

I'm also wondering what people think about these flash-only solutions for video hosting that seem to be popping up everywhere. Does it bother anybody but me that the video can't be reused once it's compressed and locked up in this way?

I'll let you know how it goes. But please, if you have a second, give me some feedback on one or both of these issues at lisa@lisarein.com


Posted by Lisa at 10:29 AM
November 10, 2005
Help Me Test Out Type Pad's New Video Egged Mobile Upload Feature

Update - 11-11-05 - OK I haven't received one email from you guys - is it that you don't have time? That you can't email movies from your phone? That you think your movies aren't good enough? :-)

No seriously, just shoot some video and email it to "demo@vemobile.com" and then wait to get the SMS message back, retrieve it, and email me at "lisa@lisarein.com" with the Video ID number. -- thanks!

I've been messing around with Type Pad's new video upload feature, courtesy of Video Egg, but my friends close by with camera phones are having trouble emailing their videos to me...

So I'm just going to put out a general call to my readers to please email their camera phone video to demo@vemobile.com, and then email me the "Video ID" they will SMS back to you. Then I can enter it into my test blog interface. (See my test blog here to bring up the clip.)

So far, I'm both excited and discouraged by this video upload implementation. It's definitely exciting for Type Pad to offer this kind of service -- a packaged blogging and video upload service.
It's the right idea, for sure. But there are a few annoying details of the implementation.

For instance, only clips of two minutes or less are permitted (which greatly reduces the probability of my using the service, to be honest), but that's not my main concern, which is this; I have a problem with the use of Flash as the delivery format, because it effectively kills any hope for reuse of the video footage.

In addition, Video Egg is compressing the video before it wraps it up in Flash, and the effect it has on the video is quite significant.

Check out the original version of this clip (Wendy Seltzer from Foo Camp 2003). Then compare it to the VideoEgged version on my typepad blog.

Nevertheless, this development is quite significant, and I'm looking forward to testing out the Mobile upload feature. I had to borrow a PC from a friend, since Type Pad's Video Egg plug-in doesn't work on the Macintosh platform yet. There are some features I haven't tested yet, like the Digital Camera upload, or the Mobile Phone upload, which I hope you're going to help me sort out today and tomorrow (while I've got my friend's PC laptop close by).

Thanks in advance for sending me some great videos!


Posted by Lisa at 04:45 PM
My Interview With The All Camera Phone Music Video Director Grant Marshall

It's my first new post for O'Reilly's Digital Media website:

How To Shoot Broadcast Quality Music Videos On A Camera Phone

This is a pretty neat story from beginning to end -- a lesson in what can be accomplished when someone sticks to a vision and sees it through to the end. Right on to Blast Records and The Presidents of the United States of America (P.U.S.A.) for taking a chance too!

Check out the Making Of video that Grant let me host, too.

This development is more than a novelty. It's a working demonstration of the natural artistic progression towards the integration of new mobile video technology within existing art forms.

I predict that it will soon be commonplace for bands to shoot mobile phone-based video of interviews, practices, performances, songs-in-progress, or whatever, and post it to their websites...

Mobile phone cameras can only record at 1/3000 of standard broadcast quality, and don't capture movement very well. In addition these phones only recorded at 10 frames per second, even though the manufacturer had promised that they'd record at 15 fps.

During the shoot, the phones were so temperamental that they'd just turn off at any point without warning, so Grant had the band play the song 24 times at half speed in order to provide enough footage to edit together one good take of the song.

Posted by Lisa at 04:13 PM
October 23, 2005
What's The Best Video Camera For Under 500 Bucks?

Well it's time for another family purchase, and, as always, I'm depending on you to help me make the right decision.

We need something with either firewire and rca outputs, if possible -- so they can hook it in through their VCR or download to a computer.

Good sound is important too -- of course :-)

thanks in advance for the usual great advice!

remember my email is:

Posted by Lisa at 02:11 PM
December 24, 2004
How Do I Download The Movies Out Of My Casio Exlim EX-S3?

Update 11:30 pm: The answer turned out to be to just mount my camera like a hard drive on my computer and copy the .avi files right over to my hard drive.

Thanks a lot guys! You've come through for me again. Thanks a bunch!

Hey guys I can really use your help here. I can't figure out how to get the movies out of my Casio Exlim Ex-S3. I movie doesn't seem to recognize it as a camera.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me via comments or email at lisarein@finetuning.com.



Posted by Lisa at 09:37 AM
October 26, 2004
Tutorial On Ripping DVDs to DV and Quicktime Using MPEG Streamclip

Hey dudes,

Okay so I'm still trying to get a grip on using my new equipement and software to rip the nice DVDs people have been sending me in order to make .mov files suitable for my archive. Thanks to all of you that have been trying to help me out. It's going slow, but I'm figuring it out.

Here's a nice tutorial that Pete whipped up for me for MPEG Streamclip. I'll be blogging the clip I've made so far and some other stuff in a second before going to Wide Hive for the morning. Then I'm back on the case this afternoon.



Hey Lisa,

I just wanted to give you instructions on how to rip DVDs to
Quicktime. OK, here we go:

1) Go here:
(Videohelp.com is a GREAT site--I've learned everything I know from

2) Download the app "MPEG Streamclip."

3) Once you've unpacked it (it's tiny) go ahead and open it.

4) Now open your DVD like a data disc.

5) Drag the VOB file you want to rip to the app and drop it on the app
(or on the icon in the dock).

6) When I did it with the original copy of the Daily Show DVD I sent
you, I ripped the fourth track which was the episode with Richard
Clarke. Before I ripped, I got an error message mentioning Time Code
breaks. Follow the error message's in structions and go to Edit>Fix
Timecode Breaks or just hit command+F. I'm not sure what this does,
but it makes it so you will rip more than the first minute or so of
the episode.

7) Once it's done fixing the timecode (if you get that error) go to
File>Export to Quicktime. From there you'll see a window with a bunch
of options. I haven't figured out what all of them mean, but I do
know you can pick your compressor in the pulldown at the top and then
decide what kind of quality you want the clip to have with that
slider. Below that, you can choose what resolution you want your
video to have. Beyond those three things, I'm a still learning.

Posted by Lisa at 08:21 AM
May 09, 2004
Great Video Tutorials On Video/Animation/Graphics Software From Lynda.com

One of you suggested that I check out the $25 a month video tutorials at to ramp up on my Final Cut Pro.

That's the best $25 I've spent in a long time. I'll probably keep my subscription up to help support (not to mention that there are other titles of stuff I want to learn).

It took about a lesson and a half for me to get off and running on my project. (About 30 min of instruction at most.) I'm pretty impressed.

The way the courses are organized, I can move ahead to find out what I need to know, and go back to learn more of the introductory stuff, as needed. There are little 15 minute movies for everything. You can just pick what you need from the index.

Leave it to you guys to hook me up with another great resource!

Thanks again for all the great advice.

(What would I do without cha? :-)

Posted by Lisa at 02:47 PM
May 02, 2004
Thanks For The Video Timecode Advice

Hey gang. Thanks for all the great advice regarding this post.

I ended up buying an Academic version of Final Cut Pro. (I am, after all, a graduate student :-)

I could use links to any good tutorials anyone might know of. I'm just trying to do really simple stuff: edit clips, over dub music, stuff like that.

Thanks again everybody. There doesn't seem to be anything you guys can't fill me in on!

Posted by Lisa at 08:12 AM
April 11, 2004
How To Output A Timecode In Premiere Or IMovie?

Note that I ended up getting Final Cut Pro.

Hey guys. I need your help.

I'm just trying to do what I know is a very simple thing: use Premiere or Imovie to output video with a timecode in it.

I'm almost sure I did this a year ago in Premiere -- and now I'm drawing a blank.

Thanks in advance for your help. Please email me at lisarein@finetuning.com.



Posted by Lisa at 06:49 PM
October 23, 2003
Reviving Old Henry Kissinger Video From Daily Show To Test Out New Format Strategy

Simon Woodside is my hero this week.

He's been very patiently educating my stupid ass all week long about how to make my video's smaller, look better, and play well in all browsers.

Now, in all fairness Kevin Marks has been trying to help me do this for weeks (months?), but for some reason the instructions just weren't clicking in my brain. Sorry Kevin!

The first result of Simon's tutoring to come to fruition this week is a revamped version of the old Daily Show clip of Henry Kissinger heading up the "Independent" 911 investigation committee. (Yes he was subsequently taken off that committee.)

Update: lots of folks wanted a direct link to the movie file -- so there it is!

The Daily Show rendition of the event is priceless. (I re-edited it a bit.)

This all came up recently when Henry Kissinger appeared on the Daily Show this last Monday night (October 20, 2003).

So please let me know - lisarein@finetuning.com -- how these new movies play in your browser and if you like them better. This one's just a file generated from the quicktime I generated earlier, so the quality issues can't be addressed. But, once I figure out what Simon is trying to teach me, I believe I will be delivering all of my movies in this manner. (Unless you write me to tell me it sucks and to stick with the imovie-defaulted "email" movies I've been using.)

Thanks again Simon!!!


Posted by Lisa at 09:28 AM
August 01, 2003
A Daring Recovery!

I managed to save the Howard Dean footage! Looks like the rewind is scrooey on my camera -- I can only rewind by pressing play and hitting the rewind to play in scan mode.

This is troublesome indeed. Looks like I'll have to get my camera serviced or something...

Thanks to all who wrote in with Cleaner info to help get me started.

As a reward, I'll be serving up the rest of this week's killer
Daily Show clips
-- hopefully all in one evening...

Posted by Lisa at 07:11 PM
Need Your Help Folks

One of the greatest things about writing my blog is that I've learned so much from my readers who have so much more experience doing many of the things that I'm in process of learning now. Way back in the day, it was XML I was learning and getting help from the world at large -- now it's video technologies -- and I could really use some help.

I gotta kinda high tech problem (barely) and a very low tech problem:

1) I finally got a copy of Discreet Cleaner (yeah student discounts!) and now I'm wondering if I can start reducing file sizes quickly without having to learn much (cause I won't really have time to learn anything too intricate in the next week or two). I'm wondering if any of you pros out there can fill me in on the step by step for configuring say, one of my huge ILAW files into a smaller animal.

2) EMERGENCY: My camera crunched part of my Howard Dean tape from last night. I've rewound the tape, but it still won't play. my camera instructs me to remove the tape when I put it in. any ideas?


Posted by Lisa at 08:40 AM
July 08, 2003
About These ILAW Videos

I don't have any notes for these opening sessions because I was getting aquainted with following Larry around with the camera.

(Jumpy bunch those ILAW folks! -- Larry, Jonathan, Yochai, Terry, Charlie -- the whole lot of them!)

In the afternoon, I actually got to be on a panel so I had to just get a long shot for most of it (although I did end up going back and forth between being on the panel and getting some close ups when the subject matter was to precious and I knew a long shot wouldn't do.

A bit later, after I was able to get used to things, I was able to take notes while filming. You'll know when this takes place because 1) you'll have the notes and 2) you'll start to notice me missing a shot every now and then when my subject bounces out of view momentarily.

So there are trade-offs, but this whole thing's just a big experiment anyway. So it would appear that no harms done.

I would really appreciate your feedback on this footage. Does it work OK? Can you hear everything? Suggestions for next time? All that kind of stuff is duly appreciated.

Oh yeah -- Every clip is numbered in order, by day (1-day1-larry-1of4-sm.mov, 2-day1-larry-1of4-sm.mov, etc.), so you can just watch them all in order if you like.

See more about this in the "How these files are named and organized" section I'll be putting up soon.

Posted by Lisa at 11:19 AM
June 17, 2003
Quicktime Instructions For Viewing My Movies

Note: the most important thing to understand is that I'm committed to helping you get set up to view these, so if the instructions don't work for you quickly (that means if you aren't viewing the movie within five minutes of reading and following the instructions), then you should just email me at lisarein@finetuning.com and we'll figure it out together.--ed

This page will serve as a central location for technical information about viewing my movies.

There's not much here now, but there will me more soon.

Step 1

Download Quicktime (if you don't have it already) to run these movies.

Step 2

These movies are small enough to run in your browser, but, if that doesn't work, right mouse click (PC) or click and hold (Mac) so you can download the file to your hard drive, and then double click on the file on your hard drive to launch.

Posted by Lisa at 08:05 PM
June 08, 2003
How Do I Export Frames Without Distortion In Adobe Premiere?

From the "oh yeah I think I know so much until I can't do something simple" file, maybe one of you real video experts out there can tell me how to change my settings in Adobe Premiere so when I export frames, they don't look like this:

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Lisa at 10:53 AM
April 27, 2003
Links To Quicktime Players On Different Platforms

Aaron Swartz was nice enough to download one of my files and test it on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Here are links to the players that could run the files.

Thanks Aaron!!

The scoop:

Aaron downloaded http://www.lisarein.com/videos/tvclips/dailyapril2003/4-02-03-shilling-sm.mov and tested it:

Mac: Works in QuickTime.

Win: Should work in QuickTime and VLC

Lin: Works in VLC

Posted by Lisa at 08:26 AM
April 26, 2003
I Need A Mac OSX Divx Encoder

I want to make sure that all of these Etech clips are available in a Windows and Linux-compatible format, and I'm told this isn't always the case with Quicktime.

Thanks ahead of time for your help.

Posted by Lisa at 09:07 AM