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May 12, 2004
Daily Show On Rummy's Tortured Testimony

This is from the May 10, 2004 program.

Highlights include Rummy forgetting to bring the chart of the chain of command with him to the hearings:

Mc Cain: "Mr. Secretary, I'd like to know...I'd like you to give the committee the chain of command from the guards to you. All the way up the chain of command.

Rummy: "I think General Myers brought an indication of it..."

General Myers: "We did not bring it."

Rummy: "Oh my. It was all prepared."

Myers: "It was!"

Jon Stewart: "Let me get this straight: The two guys in charge of proving that the military has its shit together forgot to bring the chart proving it had its shit together?"

Daily Show On Rummy's Tortured Testimony
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