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August 15, 2004
Daily Show Debunks The Shrub's Attempt At Debunking Kerry's Purple Hearts

This is from the August 9, 2004 program.

Jon Stewart and his crew provide their usual excellent job of researching the facts before going to press. (Too bad the "real" press isn't as good at doing this.)

It turns out that not even one of the people in the anti-Kerry ad denouncing his purple hearts actually served with Kerry in Vietnam. They were in Vietnam at the time, but never knew Kerry. The doctor who appears in the ad also never actually treated Kerry -- or at least his name wasn't found on any of Kerry's medical records from Vietnam.

Nice try guys -- but you're no match for
The Daily Show
(The best news on television.)

Debunking the Debunking of Kerry's Purple Hearts
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(Thanks to
Sean Bonner
for mirroring this clip!)

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