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August 19, 2004
Last Shot At Saving The California Redwoods Before SB 754 Dies On The Assembly Floor Tomorrow

One last round of letters needs to go out today, if you can manage it.

Don't worry about whether the people on this list are "your assemblymember" -- it is my hope that they all receive letters from all over the world. These are the world's Redwoods being destroyed!

Here's the info:

A bill to protect California’s old-growth trees is stuck in a political logjam, and we need your help to get it out!

SB 754, the Heritage Tree Preservation Act, will permanently protect the last of California’s old-growth trees on nonfederal land, including Coast redwoods, Douglas-firs and Giant sequoias. Less than one percent of these ancient giants remain, yet they are still being logged. This bill will protect these strees, standing since before statehood.

Old-growth trees provide essential habitat for endangered species such as the Marbled murrelet and Northern spotted owl, and they are critical to the health of forest ecosystems, shading the forest floor, cleaning the air, and stabilizing streambeds and hillsides.

SB 754’s protections for old-growth trees are very close to becoming law. The bill has already passed the State Senate and made it through two crucial Assembly meetings.

But now a handful of timber-friendly Democrats are holding up the bill on behalf of logging interests, who stand to make a killing off these trees. To become law, this bill must go to the Assembly floor by Friday, August 20th. But the moderate Democrats, or “Mod Squad,” are trying to keep the bill tied up until then.

The good news is that the bill is still alive. The timber industry wanted it dead last Thursday, and that didn’t happen. The bad news is that it will die if it isn’t sent to the Assembly floor by this Friday, August 20th.

How to Help:

Your phone calls, letters and emails got us this far. We’re in the 11th hour. Help us pull through and finally grant our old-growth trees the protection they deserve.

Is your Assembly Member one of the “Mod Squad” that’s holding up protections for ancient trees? See the list below to find out, and call or send a fax to say you want our old growth protected!

Joe Canciamilla, Head of the “Mod Squad” (916-319-2011, fax 916-319-2111)

Ron Calderon, Montebello (323-838-5858, fax: 323-838-0677)

Ed Chavez, La Puente (626-961-8492, fax:562-695-8319)

Rebecca Cohn, Saratoga (408-369-8170, fax: 408-369-8174)

Marco Firebaugh, South Gate (562-927-1200, fax: 562-927-6670)

Dario Frommer, Los Angeles (818-240-6330, fax: 818-240-4632)

Jerome Horton, Inglewood (310-412-6400, fax: 310-412-6354)

Cindy Montanez, San Fernando (818-838-3939, fax 818-838-3931)

Sarah Reyes, Fresno (559-445-5532, fax: 559-445-6006)

Simon Salinas, Salinas (831-759-8676, fax: 831-759-2961)

Juan Vargas, San Diego (619-409-7979, fax: 619-409-9270)

Ask them to protect our ancient trees by supporting SB 754.

If your Assembly Member is not on this list, you can still help. Please call or fax these Assembly leaders and ask them to use their power and influence to end the logjam, and sent SB 754 to the floor!

Fabian Nunez, Assembly Speaker

916-319-2046, fax 916-319-2146

Dario Frommer, Majority Leader and member of the “Mod Squad”

916-319-2043, fax 916-319-2143

For more information visit or call (510) 444-4710 x 312.

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