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August 25, 2004
SB 754 Lives! - Time To Make One Or Two More Phone Calls To Push This Thing Through

Alright guys, we have actually had some success in keeping this SB 754 alive.

I spoke to Autumn Bernstein at the Campaign for Old Growth, the organization sponsoring the Bill, and it looks like this thing is going to be voted on any day now. She says that the most important thing you can do to help this thing pass is to call these two people below and tell them you support a "yes" vote on SB 754 to save our redwoods:

Fabian Nunez, Assembly Speaker - 916-319-2046 (FAX 916-319-2146)


Dario Frommer, Majority Leader - 916-319-2043 (FAX 916-319-2143)

I just called both of them and left messages with their staff. Both of them had friendly staff who were familiar with the SB 754 controversy and basically wanted to know if I was for it or against it. (They're keeping a tally of phone calls.)

Now's your chance to take less than a minute of time (not kidding, I did both calls in about a minute) for what could make a big difference on this bill getting through.


SB754 Still Alive and Kicking for Old-Growth Protection!

Despite the passage of Friday’s deadline, SB 754 is still very much alive and, hopefully, on its way to a full vote of the Assembly in the next day or two.

On Thursday, August 12, SB 754 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee. But instead of being sent to a vote of the full Assembly, it was sent into a political logjam.

That logjam appears to be breaking up, and support for the bill is growing California’s legislators. In the next few days, they will determine the fate of the Heritage Tree Preservation Act. Will your representative take a stand in support of forest protection, or will they let the chainsaws continue cutting down the remaining 1% of our old-growth trees?

Please take a moment right now to call your Assembly Member and ask him or her to support SB 754, the Heritage Tree Preservation Act, to permanently protect the last of California’s old-growth trees. Your legislator needs to hear from you.

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