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August 29, 2004
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Update 7:08 am 9/30/04 - just got boingboinged -- now's the time for those mirrors peeps -- just download from here, upload to your server, and email me with a link) Thanks!

Just wanted to make sure you guys knew these were here.

I never got around to blogging more than a couple of them individually...

Highlights include:

The Shrub Killing Time On A TV Fishing Show

An Interview With Maureen Dowd

Robert Novak Being a "Douchebag For Liberty (Again) Freedom"

(my mistake. no mistake about the douchebag part though :-)

And a really important report from Ed Helms about the organization making calls on behalf of Ralph Nader in order to re-elect George Bush.
(CSE - Citizens for a Sound Economy)

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