Undue Process
September 01, 2004
UNDO Process At "The Guantanamo By The Hudson" (At The Republican National Convention)

This just in from Ryan Junell:

From: ryan junell
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 18:54:42 -0400
To: free.eddie@texasmonkey.com
Subject: FREE EDDIE!

the rnc video project is in a weird spot... while I was inside the convention hall last night holding up a sign that said "girlymen for arnold" (I voted green in cali, btw)... project producer eddie codel was following the action at one of the protests when he got fenced in by cops arresting everyone on the block. they arrested over 1000 people last night and have detained them at the piers for now over 20 hours.

honestly, I don't know what to do. he has not even been BOOKED yet (I called central booking). I'm about to file a missing persons claim on him because he is really nowhere to be seen.

THE BIG FUCKING PROBLEM is that I think they are holding these protestors in cages down by the water for as long as they can possibly do it so that they don't return to the streets to protest the second they are let out!!! this is BULLSHIT!!! what happened to due process!?!!

anyways.... I think you guys should know this and if you have any insight to the situation please let me know. I'm pretty sure the mass media has agreed to choke this story but there are literally thousands of people protesting this convention. sunday's march was without question over 400,000 if not a full half million. seriously.

eddie is an inspired political activist. we started working together six years ago on an event series about independent publishing on the internet. he's gone on to do work with indyvoter.org, the matt gonzalez campaign, and a ton of other non profit benevolent projects. he's got a heart of gold and a really awesome and gnarly sense of humor.

I feel bad now that I convinced him to come to nyc and work on this project over burning man this year (he didn't need much convincing). right now he could be delirious, tired, smelly and around the coolest people in the world out in the desert instead of delirious, tired, smelly and around the coolest people in the world in the guantanomo by the hudson.

throw money his way via the paypal link at www.junell.net or do a search for "girlymen" on ebay and donate there. or just drop him a line and let him know he's a kickass fighter! eddie@eddie.com

and watch this:


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