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September 02, 2004
Eddie Is Released From "The Guantanamo By The Hudson"

This just in from Ryan Junell:


after 40 hours in the 'care' of the police state, mr. codel has been freed. he just gave me a call from chinatown on his way to pick up his belongings from the depot. thank you all for your helpful words! I told him about the outpouring of support when I was on the phone with him in jail this morning around 3:30am and it totally lifted his spirits. he's a trooper anyhow, but I know for a fact he felt pretty awesome that over 1000 people had learned a little bit about his story on the ebay page and that people from his various communities had emailed him with support.

here's an interview I shot with a detainee last night around 2:30am - I spent about two hours outside and inside 100 centre street (the city courthouse). when I left police presence was growing to contain the 250+ audience. this afternoon I understand there are over 1000 supporters (friends, lawyers, medics, parents, etc) standing outside and waiting for people to be released.

this stuff is amazing and I'm so excited to be here watching this VERY REAL stuff happening first hand. I think about that line in star wars when obi wan says 'if you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" - these arrests are badges of honor for almost all of the demonstrators I've talked to. jailing them and running through the system strengthens their resolve to get bush out of office and intensifies their activism.

these actions did NOTHING to stop terrorism. the authorities here, conscious or not, have done EVERYTHING they could to suppress FREE POLITICAL SPEECH. the chant "this is what democracy looks like." rings true for me here.

interview with detained protestor:


ebay page for eddie


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