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October 26, 2004
Tutorial On Ripping DVDs to DV and Quicktime Using MPEG Streamclip

Hey dudes,

Okay so I'm still trying to get a grip on using my new equipement and software to rip the nice DVDs people have been sending me in order to make .mov files suitable for my archive. Thanks to all of you that have been trying to help me out. It's going slow, but I'm figuring it out.

Here's a nice tutorial that Pete whipped up for me for MPEG Streamclip. I'll be blogging the clip I've made so far and some other stuff in a second before going to Wide Hive for the morning. Then I'm back on the case this afternoon.



Hey Lisa,

I just wanted to give you instructions on how to rip DVDs to
Quicktime. OK, here we go:

1) Go here:
( is a GREAT site--I've learned everything I know from

2) Download the app "MPEG Streamclip."

3) Once you've unpacked it (it's tiny) go ahead and open it.

4) Now open your DVD like a data disc.

5) Drag the VOB file you want to rip to the app and drop it on the app
(or on the icon in the dock).

6) When I did it with the original copy of the Daily Show DVD I sent
you, I ripped the fourth track which was the episode with Richard
Clarke. Before I ripped, I got an error message mentioning Time Code
breaks. Follow the error message's in structions and go to Edit>Fix
Timecode Breaks or just hit command+F. I'm not sure what this does,
but it makes it so you will rip more than the first minute or so of
the episode.

7) Once it's done fixing the timecode (if you get that error) go to
File>Export to Quicktime. From there you'll see a window with a bunch
of options. I haven't figured out what all of them mean, but I do
know you can pick your compressor in the pulldown at the top and then
decide what kind of quality you want the clip to have with that
slider. Below that, you can choose what resolution you want your
video to have. Beyond those three things, I'm a still learning.

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