October 31, 2004
TV Funhouse Animation On McCain's Inner Struggle With His Support For Bush

This is from the October 30, 2004 program of Saturday Night Live.
Update 10/31/04 10:38pm -- I feel the need to clarify the specific irony in McCain becoming part of this year's Shrub campaign after falling victim to it personally in the 2000 election. For those of you who may not be familiar with the severly unethical tactics used by Karl Rove, Karen Hughes, and that other guy (the three of them were Bush's "Iron Triangle") to win the South Carolina 2000 primary. These details are easily googled, but I just wanted to include more explanation within the text of this blog message. Especially so there would be an explanation to go with the image below.

Poor McCain. How can he live with what he's been doing in supporting the Shrub. He must be so emotionally torn from the inside out -- wouldn't you think?

TV Funhouse paints a brilliant vivid picture of this. It's also terribly funny.

Please, show this to as many people as you can. This one ought to affect the "undecideds" more than a little.


TV Funhouse On John McCain's Supporting Bush

(10 MB - Download it and play from your computer - will be hard to stream right now.)

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