Election 2004 - Aftermath
November 14, 2004
Michael Moore's Video Crew's Documentary Of Disenfranchised Voters In Cleveland, Ohio

And there are A LOT of them.

In a nutshell, a lot of voters in the poorer and minority areas were turned away for a variety of unfair reasons. The film documents these cases of disenfranchisement.

This was produced by Michael Moore's "Video The Vote" crew in Cleveland.

Video The Vote
(59 MB)

Here's a link to Xeni's
Boing Boing Post and a bunch of Mirrors

The producers of this (and the editor, Dave Pentecost) wanted me to mention the following:

People for the American Way
Election Protection

2) Their apologies to The Jayhawks for not clearing the music first. (They are still waiting to hear back, their rights person is in transit) but they felt that it is really a free music video for the group!

3) This was shot by a dedicated group of 20 volunteer filmmakers, but any mistakes in the editing or focus of this video are Dave Pentecost's fault.
(Aww Dave, I didn't see any errors :-)

4) The organizers of the trip will release a longer selection of statements by voters who had problems voting. (Probably on Monday, November 15, 2004)

This goes with this earlier post.

I've had this since November 5, 2004, so I guess that's the publishing date. You've probably seen it around already, but I promised I would host it here so...better late than never :-)

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