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November 26, 2004
Daily Show Clip On The Football/Desperate Wives Controversy, Porter Goss' Partisan Leadership at the CIA, and Robert Novak Continuing To Go Unpunished For Being A Traitor

This is from the November 17, 2004 program.

Sorry the next bunch of clips may be a bit out of order.

Daily Show opening bit November 17, 2004

Mirror of this clip

Included in this clip:

Jon makes the insightful observation that, although the families of America were supposedly shocked and offended by the Desperate Wives/NFL cross promotional advertisement where the actresses shows off here naked....back! A bit later in that same broadcast, the same families were apparently unbothered by two women wrestling each other over a bud light. (And presumably scantilly-clad in some fashion - as is the tradition with beer ads - note: hearsay alert! I have not seen this ad)

He then goes on to discuss the first official partisan act of new CIA chief Porter Goss: to tell his ranks to shut up and support everything the Shrub Administration does (and, generally, to not question authority).

Jon ends the segment by reminding us all that Robert Novack still hasn't been penalized or prosecuted in any way for endangering the life of a CIA agent by leaking her identity in one of his articles.

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