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November 26, 2004
Daily Show Clip On The Football/Desperate Wives Controversy, Porter Goss' Partisan Leadership at the CIA, and Robert Novak Continuing To Go Unpunished For Being A Traitor

This is from the November 17, 2004 program.

Sorry the next bunch of clips may be a bit out of order.

Daily Show opening bit November 17, 2004

Mirror of this clip

Included in this clip:

Jon makes the insightful observation that, although the families of America were supposedly shocked and offended by the Desperate Wives/NFL cross promotional advertisement where the actresses shows off here naked....back! A bit later in that same broadcast, the same families were apparently unbothered by two women wrestling each other over a bud light. (And presumably scantilly-clad in some fashion - as is the tradition with beer ads - note: hearsay alert! I have not seen this ad)

He then goes on to discuss the first official partisan act of new CIA chief Porter Goss: to tell his ranks to shut up and support everything the Shrub Administration does (and, generally, to not question authority).

Jon ends the segment by reminding us all that Robert Novack still hasn't been penalized or prosecuted in any way for endangering the life of a CIA agent by leaking her identity in one of his articles.

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November 13, 2004
Saving Private Ryan Controversy

Clarification: The "I'm pissed" sentiment below is because of my technical difficulties, not over this Saving Private Ryan thing -- which is interesting at best, but nothing to get too excited about. After re-reading this post, it seemed like that may have been unclear. thanks!

Oh man am I pissed. I forgot to hook up the audio on my camera when I was taping a report on MSNBC's Countdown (yes I missed all of the election reports too because of this) -- about how many of the ABC affiliates refused to air "Saving Private Ryan" last week because of its soldiers filthy mouths in light of the potential FCC fines. (That's right, their blaming the Janet boob incident for this.)

We know the real reason these stations opted out of airing the film (the agreement with Spielberg required the film to be shown unedited in its entirety): this is one graphic film that shows the reality of war.

Anyway I wanted to at least place a note here on the subject. If anyone sees articles around about this, let me know and I'll link to them here.

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May 22, 2004
Eric Idle Says "Fuck You Very Much" To The Shrub, The FCC, Cheney, Condi, Arnie, and the Lot of Them

This just in from Eric Idle:

The FCC Song

My mirror
of the song, in case you have trouble with the first link.


Here's a little number I wrote the other day while out duck hunting with a judge.

Fuck you very much the FCC
Fuck you very much for fining me
Five thousand bucks a fuck
So I'm really out of luck
That's more than Heidi Fleiss was charging me

So fuck you very much the FCC
for proving that free speech just isn't free
Clear Channel's a dear channel
So Howard Stern must go
Attorney General Ashcroft doesn't like strong words and so
He's charging twice as much as all the drugs for Rush Limbaugh
So fuck you all so very much

So fuck you very much, Dear Mr. Bush
For heroically sitting on your tush
For Halliburton, Enron, all the companies who fail
Let's send them a clear signal and stick Martha straight in jail
She's an uppity rich bitch
and at least she isn't male
So fuck you all so very much

So fuck you dickhead Mr. Cheney too
Fuck you and fuck everything you do
Your pacemaker must be a fake
You haven't got a heart
As far as I'm concerned you're just a pasty-faced old fart
And as for Condoleeza she's an intellectual tart
So fuck you all so very much

So fuck you very much, the EPA
For giving all Alaska's oil away
It really is a bummer
When I can't fill my hummer
The ozone's a nogozone now that Arnold's here to say:
"The nuclear winter games are going to take place in LA"
So fuck you all so very much

So what the planet fails
Let's save the great white males
And fuck you all so very much

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February 11, 2004
Live Webcast of FCC Decency Hearings Going On Right Now

The FCC is holding a Decency (indecency?) hearing as a result of the Janet Jackson boob incident.

Viacom President and CEO Mel Karmazin is on now: 9:35 am.

He says that MTV and Viacom had no idea it was going to happen and apologized to everyone. "This is not acceptable and we're not defending anything on any basis of free speech."

9:42 am
He just said that all of Viacom's 39 stations are going to have a five minute video delay for all of their live programming!

The hearing has gone live on this link:



Mary Bono (R-Hollywood) (yes, that Mary Bono) just quoted Stevie Winwood's "Dear Mr. Fantasy" Traffic's "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" in her testimony...

the man in the suit
has just bought a new car
with the profit he made off your dreams

"hollywood's pushed the envelope too far" she says.

Now Barbara Cubin (R-wyoming) is comparing the boob incident to shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre.

Here's what someone told me was an interesting overview from 2/09/2004 from David Oxenford of Shaw-Pitman at this link:


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