Election 2004 - Aftermath
December 07, 2004
Another Peep Out Of The Democrats -- They Are Asking The Obvious About Ohio

This just in from the Democratic Party.

They are still beating around the Shrub a bit. Because, of course, if Kerry won Ohio, it would overturn the election.

Democratic News
Dear Lisa,

Your response to Washington Governor candidate Christine Gregoire's plea for help
has been overwhelming. Thanks to your generosity, the recount in Washington will now
go forward. With only 42 votes separating Gregoire and her Republican opponent,
today we can ensure that every ballot is accurately counted. This could not have
happened without you.

Your incredible grassroots support is vital to our continued fight to ensure a full
and legitimate count of every single vote in this election and future elections. In
addition to our strong commitment to the recount in Washington State, the Democratic
Party has empowered the Ohio Democratic Party to represent us as our official
observer during the recount. We will make sure that every vote in Ohio is counted.

But we aren't stopping there. After consulting with our Voting Rights Institute
staff, Voting Protection Coordinators, Ohio legal team, Party activists, supporters,
elected officials, and others, and after reviewing available information, the
Democratic National Committee has decided to conduct a thorough investigation of key
election issues arising from the conduct of the 2004 general election in Ohio.

This investigative study will address the legitimate questions and concerns that
have been raised in Ohio and will develop factual information that will be
critically important in crafting further key election reforms. This project seeks to
answer such questions as:

* Why did so many people have to wait in line in certain Ohio precincts and not

* Why weren't there enough machines in some counties and not others?

* Why were so many Ohioans forced to cast provisional ballots?

We will find answers to help implement and advocate reforms in the future.

Let me be clear. We do not expect either the recount in Ohio or our investigation to
overturn the results of this election. But both are vital to protecting every
American's voting rights in future elections. And the Democratic Party will never
waver when it comes to upholding this sacred trust.

Thank you again for your incredible support.

Terry McAuliffe

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