Election 2004 - Aftermath
December 08, 2004
TODAY: Congressional Hearing On Ohio Voting Fraud On CSPAN At 7AM PST, 10 AM EST - Will Someone Please Tape It For Me?

According to the CSPAN Website, the congressional hearing with Rep Conyers will be broadcast on CSPAN.

Many thanks to those of you who emailed and called CSPAN to help make this possible. (I forgot to remind you yesterday, but I guess you guys had it under control :-)

My cable company, Comcast, seems to think it's more important to give me another home shopping channel than broadcast my country's government to me (oh yes, they'll be hearing from me), so I can't tape it. So that means it's up to one of you to hack the stream or grab it with your pvr or camera or vhs player for me to be able to store it in my archive.

At least we can all watch it online on CSPAN. I would much rather have a copy that I can study and analyze in the future.

Talk soon,


2004 VOTE
Review of Ohio Balloting
Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Cmte., hosts a forum on the election in Ohio and possible irregularities in the vote itself and the subsequent counting of ballots. Many other Congressmen and interest group representatives take part in this event.

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