December 27, 2004
Send A Little Cash To Truthout If You Can

I've been using T r u t h o u t a lot lately, and I just remembered to send them some cash.

I'm sure they need it, because they are a really small organization that runs on the fumes of hope that I run on most of the time. The hope that somehow, someway, we're going to fix our broken country and restore some of the ideals that it was founded on.

People write me all the time and ask if they can send me money. There are a lot of reasons why I can't accept cash from anyone, and even more reasons why I can't explain why right now. ("It's a long explanation and I'm too swamped to take the time" is the main reason.)

So if you get the urge to send me money, send it to them instead.

William Rivers Pitt, Marc Ash, and the other folks over there are doing a lot of my work for me right now by sending me important updates right to my mailbox.

Life would kind of be over for me right now if they weren't around, so, if you can afford it right now, let's all keep them alive.


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