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March 14, 2005
Really Guys, I Need Your Help

So I've got a situation now where as soon as I post anything good, my server gets taken out. This is a server I need to USE every day for all sorts of stuff, so having it taken out every time a post isn't really an option.

I've got a TON of new stuff all ready to post, and I'm basically afraid to because of this issue.

Several of you have offerred to help me torrent in the past. Please materialize again so that I can start making clips available for everyone again.

Another option might be temporary mirrors. If you'd like to donate some space for (hopefully) this week only, this is the stuff I'm trying to post:

1) Daily Show clip from Feb 16 on bloggers.
2) Lewis black clip from Feb 16
3) Frontline clips (3 five minute clips) on the meat industry
4) Larry Lessig's west wing clip
5) 60 minutes on Tom Delay

If you'd like to volunteer to mirror a clip for me, then I could post the clip that goes with it.

Otherwise, I'll have to trickle these out over the next week or two, I guess.

talk to me people.



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