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March 26, 2007
This post is for my Technorati profile

Technorati Profile

Messing around with the Technorati site and decided to claim my feed...

Update 3/27/07 - I can't get this to work!

Posted by Lisa at 03:15 PM
February 02, 2006
Another Freakin Test Post

hey sorry guys. I gotta learn somehow same eisenhower clip.

Posted by Lisa at 07:43 PM
January 29, 2006
This Is Another Structured Blogging Test Post
Posted by Lisa at 03:46 PM
January 17, 2006
Another Structured Blogging Test Post
Posted by Lisa at 02:57 PM
This is a test of a structured blogging audio post
Posted by Lisa at 01:48 PM
December 09, 2005
Why No Video Emails For My Type Pad Account?

Almost a month ago, I asked you guys to email me your movies to demo@vemobile.com and let me know the ID number the Type Pad/Video Egg service emailed back to you, so I could use it within my Type Pad blog and do some kind of collaborative video thing.

Not one person emailed me about this, and I find that kind of hard to believe. Now I would appreciate it if those of you who almost did it didn't, for one reason or another. Do you just now have video cell phones? (I sure don't, so I can understand that :-)

I'm wondering what will happen if I email a non-cell phone video to the same address, so I'm going to try that, and just make it a small enough file so it won't upset any file size limitations.

I'm also wondering what people think about these flash-only solutions for video hosting that seem to be popping up everywhere. Does it bother anybody but me that the video can't be reused once it's compressed and locked up in this way?

I'll let you know how it goes. But please, if you have a second, give me some feedback on one or both of these issues at lisa@lisarein.com


Posted by Lisa at 10:29 AM
November 10, 2005
Help Me Test Out Type Pad's New Video Egged Mobile Upload Feature

Update - 11-11-05 - OK I haven't received one email from you guys - is it that you don't have time? That you can't email movies from your phone? That you think your movies aren't good enough? :-)

No seriously, just shoot some video and email it to "demo@vemobile.com" and then wait to get the SMS message back, retrieve it, and email me at "lisa@lisarein.com" with the Video ID number. -- thanks!

I've been messing around with Type Pad's new video upload feature, courtesy of Video Egg, but my friends close by with camera phones are having trouble emailing their videos to me...

So I'm just going to put out a general call to my readers to please email their camera phone video to demo@vemobile.com, and then email me the "Video ID" they will SMS back to you. Then I can enter it into my test blog interface. (See my test blog here to bring up the clip.)

So far, I'm both excited and discouraged by this video upload implementation. It's definitely exciting for Type Pad to offer this kind of service -- a packaged blogging and video upload service.
It's the right idea, for sure. But there are a few annoying details of the implementation.

For instance, only clips of two minutes or less are permitted (which greatly reduces the probability of my using the service, to be honest), but that's not my main concern, which is this; I have a problem with the use of Flash as the delivery format, because it effectively kills any hope for reuse of the video footage.

In addition, Video Egg is compressing the video before it wraps it up in Flash, and the effect it has on the video is quite significant.

Check out the original version of this clip (Wendy Seltzer from Foo Camp 2003). Then compare it to the VideoEgged version on my typepad blog.

Nevertheless, this development is quite significant, and I'm looking forward to testing out the Mobile upload feature. I had to borrow a PC from a friend, since Type Pad's Video Egg plug-in doesn't work on the Macintosh platform yet. There are some features I haven't tested yet, like the Digital Camera upload, or the Mobile Phone upload, which I hope you're going to help me sort out today and tomorrow (while I've got my friend's PC laptop close by).

Thanks in advance for sending me some great videos!


Posted by Lisa at 04:45 PM
May 30, 2005
Help Configuring Wide Hive Blog - Trouble with CategoryList Module

Update 2:22pm: Okay, I figured out on my own (doh!) that I just had to check a box in the weblog config- and then rebuild my category archives so they existed. Simple enough.

Now I'm trying to have more than two entries on my home page. Any ideas? -- thanks!

Hi guys,

I'm just trying to implement a CategoryList module (see code below) in the Wide Hive Blog, and I'm getting this error. Is there an MT tag that has changed names or something?

An error occurred:
Build error in template 'Main Index': Error in tag: Build error in template 'CategoryList': Error in tag: The archive type specified in MTArchiveList ('Category') is not one of the chosen archive types in your blog configuration.

code in the CategoryList module:

<div class="sidetitle">
All Categories

<div class="side">
<MTArchiveList archive_type="Category">
<a href="<$MTArchiveLink$>"><$MTArchiveTitle encode_html="1"$></a> (<$MTArchiveCount$>)<br />

Posted by Lisa at 12:35 PM
March 14, 2005
Really Guys, I Need Your Help

So I've got a situation now where as soon as I post anything good, my server gets taken out. This is a server I need to USE every day for all sorts of stuff, so having it taken out every time a post isn't really an option.

I've got a TON of new stuff all ready to post, and I'm basically afraid to because of this issue.

Several of you have offerred to help me torrent in the past. Please materialize again so that I can start making clips available for everyone again.

Another option might be temporary mirrors. If you'd like to donate some space for (hopefully) this week only, this is the stuff I'm trying to post:

1) Daily Show clip from Feb 16 on bloggers.
2) Lewis black clip from Feb 16
3) Frontline clips (3 five minute clips) on the meat industry
4) Larry Lessig's west wing clip
5) 60 minutes on Tom Delay

If you'd like to volunteer to mirror a clip for me, then I could post the clip that goes with it.

Otherwise, I'll have to trickle these out over the next week or two, I guess.

talk to me people.



Posted by Lisa at 08:01 AM
March 13, 2005
Trying To Set Up Blog Torrent

So I'm trying to set up a blog torrent server so the world will be a better place for everyone. And I've followed the instructions so far (download the zip file, unzip it, upload it to a directory on your server). And now I sort of don't know what to do.

Am I done guys? Do these things just generate themselves now? :-)



Posted by Lisa at 05:19 PM
October 26, 2003
Neato Student Blogs From My First Blogging Class At SFSU
I taught my first class in blogging at San Francisco State last week. I'm HTML-ing the tutorial and will have it up in a bit.
It was so incredible teaching blogging! The students seemed to pick up on it very quickly. Within two hours after my lecture, the first blog came to life. Then all the others started to pour in. Check them out for yourself.

One of the things that was so cool is that many of the students are going to keep their blogs going. (They originally were only creating them because I had given it to them as an assignment.)
Posted by Lisa at 05:27 AM
October 13, 2003
This Is A Blogmapper Test

Here I am, almost ready to post the first batch of Foo Movies, and now I've gone and gotten sidetracked on Blogmapper, a tool for generating code to specify the latitude and longitude of a geographical location so you can include your coordinates within blog entries. I don't know if I'm doing this right. But I suspect I'll find out soon.

(Update 10/14/03: Aha! I forgot to include the necessary JavaScript. Testing again now...)

I've embedded this code in this entry:

<span style="display:none" xmlns:geo="http://www.w3.org/2003/01/geo/wgs84_pos#"> <geo:lat>38.07306</geo:lat> <geo:long>-122.693</geo:long> </span>


Just added this link for a test:

This is a test

Posted by Lisa at 09:15 PM
September 30, 2003
Do My Comments Work? Or Not?

So either you guys don't have anything to comment on anymore (even though my readership has doubled over the past couple months) or my comments are broken.

Please send comments today and let me know what your experience is.

I really want to get to the bottom of this.



Posted by Lisa at 07:55 AM
September 19, 2003
Help Me Fix My Comments

Hey I've got some kind of weird bug going on when users get an error message before the comments sends anyway. Has anyone else seen this problem? Wanna shoot me an email and help me fix it? (Please :-)

Okay I missed that the Daily Show had an incredible set of recall clips tuesday night -- so i'll be getting those up now.

Then there's the rest of the week of the Daily Show, the rest of the Dick Cheney clips (yes! there's more!) -- Jesse Jackson's speech from the protest Tuesday -- and whatever else I've still got in the kitty from last week...

Posted by Lisa at 10:30 AM