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May 28, 2005
One Of Tom DeLay's Scandals Covered On 60 Minutes

This is from the March 6, 2005 program of
60 Minutes

Tom Delay vs. the Austin, TX District Attorney

Mirror of these clips

It's really interesting to me to watch the Repubs strategy in action: break the law however you need to, challenge the laws themselves, and wait a couple years until a good judge has a chance to set things straight.

Oh yeah, don't forget to call them an "activist judge" when they use their skill and conscience to interpret the law accordingly.

By that time, you've already won the election, or passed the faulty legislation, or redistricted precincts or completed whatever short term goal you were after. The courts will never, ever be able to keep up the pace after you.

In this case, DeLay is challenging what is meant by "Administrative" costs. He is being investigated for allegedly using funds for other purposes than they were legally allowed to be used.

"Administrative" uses have always meant rent, power, phone bills, etc.
According to his own brochures, he was clearly using the money for other purposes.

Note that this particular "scandal" is different from the numerous other misallocations of funds that DeLay has alredy been admonished for by a congressional ethics committee, or the other recent stuff that just surfaced about taking a vacation on a lobbyist's wallet.

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