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September 03, 2005
Nice Review of Primal Deconstruction In BPM

Yippie. The first review is in, and it's a goodin' I don't think the online version is up yet, so here it is:

BPM - September 2005

"Dissent is back with their forth long player, Primal Deconstruction. If you enjoyed their last journey through emotion and sound this'll surely treat you right. Gregory Howe, the brainchild behind the blunted, sonic landscape (who also happens to serve as el jefe for the label), delivers the sort of musical variety that makes a lasting impression. Between the brushed drums, loose horn arrangements, syrupy jazz licks, guitar strums and memorable beats, many arenas are dabbled in - it's one big harmonius nuptial. But, without Howe's clear vision and passion, the album would, no doubt, come off as yet another generic broken beat excursion. Thankfully that's not the case-spectrum of sound serves as a sonic narrative, but the message is fully realized through the hauntingly sultry voice of Nathalie Sanchez. Highlights include the rhythmically adventurous uptempo jam "Native Time" and "Pouvez-Vous Voir Le Soleil," which serves as a low-key coda to an elegant album." (Jackie Chiles)

Posted by Lisa at September 03, 2005 07:43 AM
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