New Orleans Catastrophe 2005
September 04, 2005
Oops. Did another month just go by?

Damn. How'd dat happen?

Oh well, too late now. But I'm back for real this time (a likely story).

I'm at home working on some of my graduate projects, when I couldn't help but turn on CNN to check in on whatever the hell is going on in New Orleans.

The result of which is a series of video clips that I'm about to put up here, that I would love it if you helped me follow up on, as my time is limited today and tomorrow, but, you know, timing's a bitch :-)

I'm trying to determine what is actually going on over there so I can determine how I can best help out. I read an article questioning the effectiveness of giving money to the Red Cross (like a "they're not going to actually be there helping out, so don't give them money" story) -- that also contributed to my apprehension about just throwing money at the problem (my first response).

Posted by Lisa at September 04, 2005 05:18 PM
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