New Orleans Catastrophe 2005
September 04, 2005
Clips On New Orleans From CNN

Here are some clips from CNN that ran this afternoon (September 4, 2005).

(Hopefully I'll get some more up tonight, but now I want to get 60 min and meet the press up first, now that these are up.)

1. The Mayor of New Orleans blaming the Bush Administration for not providing proper assistance.
(video, MP3)

2. A rescuer explaining how he doesn't even really consider what he's doing "a real rescue," because he's "just moving people languishing on their roofs to languishing on the expressway."
(video, MP3)

3. A general overview of the situation down there. (But note that today's 60 Minutes program** challenges the allegation that the levees broke, giving the alternative explanation that it was two or more of the city's 2 feet thick floodwalls that actually gave way.
(video, MP3)

(**This 60 minutes includes in interview with Al Naomi, who manages Flood Control for the Army Core of Engineers.)
(video, MP3)

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