Unnecessary Force Against Protesters
June 25, 2006
Collection of Articles To Date On Carol Fisher - Still In Jail For Hanging A Poster In Cleveland

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Various dates
Fact Sheet on the Arrest, Trial and Conviction of Carol Fisher
"The verdict will be appealed ... Carol’s attorneys, Terry Gilbert and Dan Shields,
are working pro-bono. Donations thus far have covered the costs of the trial but ongoing expenses will mount for the appeal, including to obtain a copy of the trial transcript."

June 21, 2006
Cleveland Indy Media Center
6.21 Update on Carol Fisher
"Carol Fisher has now been in jail for 3 weeks..."

June 16, 2006
Police Crimes Forum, Policecrimes.com
Judge Timothy McGinty is a Communist
"A 51-year-old Ohio woman was sentenced Friday to 60 days in jail..."

June 7, 2006
World Can't Wait
Carol Fisher Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail And 2 Years Probation
"I spoke to Carol Fisher on the phone from the Cuyahoga County jail this morning..."

June 3, 2006
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Protester is defiant to the last
"Political activist Carolyn Fisher stood before a Cuyahoga County judge and remained defiant even as she faced jail time for attacking two police officers."

June 3, 2006
Cleveland Indy Media Center
Carol Fisher defiant to the last
Same story as above, reprinted with 5 big photos

June 2, 2006
The Free Press (Ohio)
Judge McGinty threatens to send Carol Fisher to jail on June 2
"Carol Fisher, an activist with "The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime," will be sentenced this Friday, June 2..."

June 2, 2006
Woman Refuses To Change Anti-Bush Shirt For Sentencing
Protester Gets 60 Days In Jail For Assaulting Police Officers
(includes photo of T-shirt)
"A woman convicted of assaulting Cleveland Heights police officers appeared in court for sentencing Friday morning, but the sentencing was delayed when the judge said she must change her clothes..."

June 2, 2006
Case disposition:

May 16, 2006
Carol Fisher case suggests pattern of law enforcement/judicial irregularities
"Here is some additional information on the Carol Fisher case..."

May 14, 2006
VooDoo Knickers
You Must Be Crazy!!
Blogger describes the scene in the courtroom.
"Terry Gilbert, one of Carol’s attorneys said, “This is Gulag stuff–saying that people who are dissidents are crazy.” He said that in his 33 years of practicing law, he has never seen anything like this ... McGinty started off the hearing by making Carol stand up and had one of her attorneys read her t-shirt ... McGinty then said this was further proof she is delusional."

May 13, 2006
Call4Investigation (Seattle):
Includes some courtroom quotes from McGinty:
'He went even further in yesterday's hearing, saying that her opposition to the Bush regime makes her "delusional." ... He also kept saying Carol "wants" to go to jail, and that she has a "martyr complex."
When Carol tried to explain why she wouldn't take this test, the judge's only response was, "I do not negotiate with felons."'

May 11, 2006
Women's Space/The Margins
Free Carol Fisher! Judge Orders Peace Activist to Jail Psych Unit
"Judge Timothy McGinty has forcibly incarcerated Carol Fisher in the psych unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail in downtown Cleveland, for an undetermined period of time. McGinty is forcing Fisher to undergo a state psychological exam as part of her pre-sentencing investigation..."

May 15, 2006
Republic Broadcasting Network
The Investigative Journal
Host: Greg Szymanski
RAM (http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Greg/0605/20060516_Tue_Greg.ram)
Individual MP3s:
Hour 1 (http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Greg/0605/20060515_Mon_Greg1.mp3)
Hour 2 (http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Greg/0605/20060515_Mon_Greg2.mp3)
'... Finally, Greg was joined by Terry Gilbert, attorney for Carol Fisher, who was recently convicted of two felonies in connection with her putting up anti-Bush posters in Cleveland Heights. Fisher was recently incarcerated and forced to take a state psych evaluation. Don't miss this interview as her attorney says it's "a gulag situation" right here in America.'
(Home page: http://www.rbnlive.com/archiveindex.html)

April 29, 2006
The Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Reporting the verdict.
"A jury found a Cleveland Heights peace activist guilty Friday afternoon of assaulting two police officers who told her to stop putting posters on telephone poles.Carolyn Fisher, 53, was released on bail but ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation while awaiting a June 2 sentencing for assaulting Cleveland Heights police officers Dan Downing and Mike Frinzl.Fisher was putting up anti-President-Bush posters Jan. 28 when the officers confronted her.Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Timothy J. McGinty suggested that Fisher return to court with a heartfelt apology for the officers or "bring your toothbrush," indicating that she would be sent to prison."

April 28, 2006
Cleveland World Can't Wait
Includes update from Carol Fisher herself, downloadable petition, address for sending money, contact info for City Council:

April 28, 2006
Cleveland Indy Media Center
"Carol Fisher was found guilty today of two counts of felonious assault of two 200 + pound Cleveland Heights policemen (who, collectively, can bench 700 lbs) and whose testimony contained serious contradictions. None of the other witnesses provided by the prosecution actually saw “the assault.” Their claims had more to do with Carol’s perceived lack respect for authority. The jury deliberated for more than 8 hours over two days before announcing the verdict.
Former prosecutor Judge McGinty, who was supposedly “randomly” assigned to Carol’s case, is known to be “police-friendly,” a fact that was painfully obvious to observers."

April 1, 2006
Liberty Forum
In this article Carol Fisher tells what happened in her own words. Also includes picture of Fisher and 'Cleveland Heights Police Beats Up Girls' poster.

Mar. 30, 2006
Cleveland Indy Media Center
Urgent update--Carol Fisher
by carol fisher Thursday, Mar. 30, 2006
"Funds urgently needed for legal defense. Make checks out to 'Carol Fisher Defense Fund' and mail to NION/WCW PO Box 609034 Cleveland OH 44109..."

January 25, 2006
Judge McGinty's official page with photo.
(Apparently the URL was changed recently. The URL given on the WorldCantWait.net page no longer works):

February 6, 2006
City Council meeting minutes (Carol Fisher stuff starts on Page 4).
Some citizens stand up make speeches to protest Carol Fisher's treatment at a City Council meeting.

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