Election 2006 - Plan B
October 30, 2006
Plan B November 8th - Let's Plan Some Locations

Ok so, so far, the overwhelming reaction to my Plan B idea has been:

"OK! I'm ready to protest Wednesday. But....tell me where to go. I don't get the whole 'in the streets' thing."

Good idea to have a starting point at least. (We might just flash mob from there.)

Seems like people should pick a key location in their home city and decide on the best time, and take it from there.

For myself here in the SF Bay Area, we should probably end up at Civic Center - so there's someplace to congregate (since we'll be expecting tens of thousands of people).

So think about it. Where's the best location in your town?

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Posted by Lisa at October 30, 2006 08:34 AM
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