Election 2006 - Paying Attention
November 03, 2006
Clips From HBO's Hacking Democracy

I've posted three clips from last night's HBO broadcast of "Hacking Democracy."

I have made a playlist containing all three clips in order to make it easy to bookmark and send to friends.

Directors - Simon Ardizzone and Russell Michaels
Producers - Simon Ardizzone, Robert Carrillo Cohen and Russell Michaels
Executive Producers - Earl Katz, Sarah Teale, Sian Edwards and Sheila Nevins
Editor - Sasha Zik
Supervising Producer -John Hoffman

It's really an admirable thing for HBO to do.

I called my cable company and subscribed to HBO last weekend as a good will gesture towards the company (and, of course, so I could receive the program to bring it to you).

I encourage every one of you to do the same. Let's make it good business to bring this kind of programming to people.

There are some other special things that I did for these clips, in the interests of giving HBO and the film makers proper attribution in a way that could travel with the clips as they move around the internet.

1) (and probably the most important thing)

I edited all three clips with the HBO logo and opening credits for the film at the beginning, and the HBO logo again at the end.

2) The filenames all say "hbo-hackingdemocracy" etc.

3) As I mentioned earlier, I am advocating that everyone watching the clips calls their cable company and subscribes to HBO (even if they plan to cancel next month :) as a good faith gesture of supporting broacasting networks that take a chance in distributing content like this that is so important to the future of our country.

4) I am, of course, paying to host the clips myself. So I have not misrepresented to any hosting site that I own the copyright to these clips.

5) I am including complete credit information everywhere the clips are linked.
(Please do the same if you link to these clips from your site.)

My ISP, Ctyme, understands what I'm doing and also believes that it is my fair use right to do so. (Since I am only showing clips, not the complete film, and that this information is critical to get out to people -- preferably during these last few days before election day, so that irregularities can be recognized and duly noted and dealt with accordingly, rather than being swept under the carpet like in 2000, 2002 and 2004.)

Please show your support by subscribing to HBO this month guys!


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