Election 2006 - Paying Attention
November 06, 2006
Get Ready For Tomorrow - Batteries, Tape, Cameras, Cable - Ready Set Go!

OK. Almost time to start rolling everybody. At 8:00 am Eastern tomorrow - the polls are open and the future is up for grabs.

I have 24 two hour tapes that will start rolling at 5:00 am tomorrow morning (and keep going for 48 hours).

Time to charge/replace your camera batteries and make sure the cable's working and all that.

Tomorrow we'll need every one of us to tape as much election footage as they can, from wherever they are, all over the country.

This means BOTH capturing everything we can from the television AND shooting our own interviews with people at the polls and at large about their experiences.

Email me at lisa@lisarein.com, and let me know what you shot or collected.

I'll compile a list of locations, channels and times, and publish the list, and host whatever video people need me to host, and just link to the rest, and then, hopefully, we'll have whatever footage we might need when the time comes to get the word out.

So as not to drive your self crazy, just label the tape or dvd accordingly, turn the tv on, turn to any news channel, hit record, and forget it (like when you leave for work in the morning perhaps? and then maybe another one when you get home...)

Label it like this: Election/CBS/8:00 am

The footage I kept from the 2004 Election proved very useful to a lot of people in the years that followed.

Let's try to document this year even more!

Thanks everybody!

Posted by Lisa at November 06, 2006 10:22 AM
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