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May 28, 2007
Flying My Guitarist Ron Taylor In For My Show On June 10th

So I've got about 6 or 7 songs I'm really happy with in this new set, but I have up to an hour if I want it to play with Emy Tseng on our sunday night show.

So I decided to bring out the big guns and fly my great original guitar player - the one I wrote most of the stuff on with, out here from his farm in Idaho, where he now lives.

BTW - If anyone would like a CD of my songs to pop in your car or whatever before the show, just send me an email. (I'm making some of them this week anyway.)

So Ron and I are meeting in the airport Sunday morning, as I am flying back from the Pixelodeon Conference going on that weekend in LA, and he'll be flying in from Boise, ID.

The we get a whole day to get back in our groove for the show. I don't think it'll be that hard. We've been playing together for like 13 years now. It's incredible. These are all our oldies and goodies mostly...unless we end up writing a new song real quick once we get together, which sometimes happens...

So now you get BOTH the set of my new acoustic stuff AND a whole other set of acoustic versions of all of our old great stuff :-)

Many of you have expressed to me over the years that I basically needed to keep Ron in the picture -- that he added a lot to the style and the songs. So I'm listening to your suggestions, thanks!

I do hope that you will be pleasantly surprised with my new solo acoustic stuff though.
(I know I have been.)

I'll have a zip file of all my music here soon. Man there's a lot of it now, hadn't realized.

ok talk soon!

Posted by Lisa at May 28, 2007 11:44 PM
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