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July 01, 2007
More Twitter Crap - Follow My Friends

Ok so if I haven't mentioned it already - I'm going social networking happy.

There are a number of reasons for this sudden change in opinion of these thinggies. But I have become strangely caught up in it all as of late. Since I'm actually locating old friends etc., as a result of using these technologies, I think I'm starting to drink the koolaide a bit.

(And I was just being a crank earlier, badmouthing them all, let me tell you...As my friend Lilia can attest to :-)

But I digress...

I actually started this post with a question for you rather than a rant about my new attitude towards social networking technologies -- How do I configure this stuff?

For instance, in the post below, it only shows one of my twitters at a time, although there seems to be room for more.

Here's another flash app I've pasted below. I guess I need to twitter on my Facebook page now....so here I go...

Posted by Lisa at July 01, 2007 10:52 AM
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