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September 23, 2007
Preparing for My SFSU BECA Lecture On Facebook - What do you like/not like about it?

Hey in the great tradition of my readers helping me make everything I do better, I thought I'd let you know ahead of time that I'm working on a lecture for this Thursday and I would really love some input from Facebook users about what they feel is most important to them about it.

Or, if you're a Facebook user that isn't particularly impressed, that's important too.

I'm going to focus on my own experiences in the lecture, but it's always nice to counter them with input from others - especially when others may feel very differently than I do about something. I like to let the students know about as many sides of everything as I can about the topics that I discuss. (Especially if I feel really strongly about something, but everyone disagrees with me. I still get to say my piece cause it's my lecture :) but then, more than ever, I need to make it clear to the students that, well, everyone else disagrees with me...

well you get the picture.... long story short: chime in! :-) send me email...or friend me on facebook and send data that way :-)

Posted by Lisa at 12:20 PM
July 17, 2007
Squawk - Twitter Meets Second Life and...Facebook's in there somewhere too

Squawk is here - twitter/SL.

I've wanted this so bad I almost tried to do it myself a couple of weeks ago with a friend of mine -- but we decided to build some other sl stuff instead...

Note that I think the Facebook/SL integration is a result of the Facebook/Twitter integration. Which is just plain beautiful (though I haven't implemented it yet, several of my buds have, and all say it works great...)

But my point is that Facebook got Second Life integration "for nothing."
(Just from having open apis, i mean!) And look what it got them!

here's one post on it. I'll discuss in more detail shortly. Just wanted to start this "tidbits" category, so I can let you know about things in a more timely manner -- instead of waiting a day or two to attach a write-up to it.

I'll also go back through here every week or so and make sure I follow up on the tidbits and link to them properly from the a-z.

I have no idea if squawk thing works yet. Trying to get to it! Seems to be working for others though.

Posted by Lisa at 08:50 AM
July 01, 2007
More Twitter Crap - Follow My Friends

Ok so if I haven't mentioned it already - I'm going social networking happy.

There are a number of reasons for this sudden change in opinion of these thinggies. But I have become strangely caught up in it all as of late. Since I'm actually locating old friends etc., as a result of using these technologies, I think I'm starting to drink the koolaide a bit.

(And I was just being a crank earlier, badmouthing them all, let me tell you...As my friend Lilia can attest to :-)

But I digress...

I actually started this post with a question for you rather than a rant about my new attitude towards social networking technologies -- How do I configure this stuff?

For instance, in the post below, it only shows one of my twitters at a time, although there seems to be room for more.

Here's another flash app I've pasted below. I guess I need to twitter on my Facebook page now....so here I go...

Posted by Lisa at 10:52 AM