My Music - June 10, 2007
July 09, 2007
Fifth Song From My Show At Ireland's 32: Tyrant

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June 10, 2007
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Words and Music by Lisa Rein
As Performed June 10, 2007

There's a tyrant coming soon
Thinking 'bout the afternoon
There's a monster that you love
There's an angel

There's a monster coming soon
There's a tyrant
And it's you
Tell me what you gonna do about it

Oh there's a place I used to know
Things would come and things would go on around me

Like I wasn't there at all
Saw the writing on the wall
Guess I didn't see you fall away

There's a monster in the dark
There's a ghost in central park
Tell me who you really are
I ask you

Oh there's a place I used to know
Things would come and things would go right around me
Oh won't you come on out and play
Don't leave me alone today

Tell me what you gonna do?
There's a tyrant and it's you
There's a guilded golden cage
There's that face won't go away

You've been lying to yourself
Ain't been listen to the bells
No more stories left to tell that matter

Tyrant in your head
Curled up next to you in your bed
There's a memory in your mind
Slipping through the sands of time
There's a jingle in your head
Of everything you never said
Tell me
What you gonna do about it?

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