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July 10, 2007
Using “Animations” In Second Life to Dance The Night Away

Here's a video from my video blogging week on using Animations for dancing in second life.
I'm putting it up here for archival purposes - to link to it from my a-z index....

Lots of stuff going up today that still needs to be linked together a fair amount, so bear with me...

In today’s movie, David Meade and I “getdown” a bit, while I learn about collecting animations in to my “Inventory.”

First Ryce starts dancing, and asks me to join him, and I tell him I don’t know how to dance with him. So he sends me an animation, which I accept and then double click on in my inventory to activate.

Ryce sends me an “animation” called “getdown,” so I can dance with him.

David Meade (Ryce Broderick) does a handstand while we’re Dancing

I used cdk’s “Beat” as a soundtrack, from CC Mixter.

Please visit us at David Meade’s Second Life Pad:
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(Note, I originally wrote this for the mefeedia blog. For completeness, since I have learned that things go away sometimes when you don't host them, I republished it here :)

Posted by Lisa at July 10, 2007 01:04 PM
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