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August 01, 2007
Fooling Around With Hoverpods With Losta Hax

Summary: In this post, Losta Hax throws down a hoverpod object and I hop in and take it for a spin.

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Losta Hax (Losta Hax's Pad) and I have been messing around with vehicles a lot this past week. Originally, I didn't understand the value of vehicles in Second Life. It seemed like, hell, if you could fly, what else would you need?

But as I first learned when Eric Rice (SL - Eric Rice) first took me on a helicopter ride a few weeks ago, vehicles are fun dammit!

Here's a little movie of us trying out some hoverpods.

You can see Losta floating in the hovercraft while I watch as he throws down another copy of it for me and I apple/click on it, and touch "ride," and hop in.

Posted by Lisa at August 01, 2007 03:49 PM
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