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August 21, 2007
Video of Appellate Arguments in AT&T/US Government Domestic Spying Case

I finally finished making clips of the arguments in front of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last week in the AT& T/US Government Domestic Spying Case.

I'll be blogging about this in more detail, but for now, everything's here:


I've split them up into folders:
- US Gov (att-gov)
- AT & T (att-kellogg)
- Frap (frap) (representing AT&T consumers -- and really the American public at large, in this case.)

The Judges were asking good questions and looking out for our best interests. It seems like they weren't buying the U.S. Government's argument that merely discussing the possibility of a relationship (or even the non-existence of one) between AT&T and the Government constitutes a "state secret."

More on this over the next few days! I just wanted to get this up there so others could use it/learn from it.

It's great stuff!

Posted by Lisa at August 21, 2007 04:27 PM
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