September 15, 2007
Show went great! Dates For New Shows November 11 and 30th!

Hey my show went great! There were lots of people there and the geeky part of the evening I hoped would take place, did!

To my delight and surprise, John Perry Barlow, John Gilmore, Annie Harrison and Brian Zisk all stopped by.

There were EFF and Internet Archive folks there too! And lots of other cool friends I'll get around to talking about later.

Anyway huge success.

Next shows at the same place (Ireland's 32, SF) will be:

1) November 11 - my birthday party (b-day the 10th) 9pm - midnight+

2) November 30 - Friday night 7-9 (woot!)

I'll have video going up soon too!

Thanks again to Ron Taylor and my sister for making it all possible.

(I was off playing hookey at the Singularity Summit hanging out with Jamais Cascio during most of what was supposed to be our practice time on Saturday!) (Soooo much more on all that later!)

Posted by Lisa at September 15, 2007 03:23 PM
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