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February 21, 2008
RetarDEAD Themesong Out: Featuring Yours Truly

Wired just published a piece on the follow up to the lovely little piece of poo that is Monsturd.
(My Monsturd site.)

Could directors Rick Popko and Dan West think of anything worse than a serial killing shit monster?
Of course they could!

The new movie is called "The RetarDEAD" -- and I'll apologize to just about everyone ahead of time for its very existence. There's just no excuse.

I got to play the wife of one of the main characters this time!

I have some 'making of' videos and things to put up with me singing lead in a duet with Girl Trouble lead singer Kurt "KP" Kendall, and also singing backups with the "Retardettes."

Here's a
link to the mp3
-- I have the lyrics around here somewhere.

Oh and the song is totally available for remix:

Creative Commons License

The song is ultimately at the audience's expense. If that helps any.

Posted by Lisa at February 21, 2008 09:56 AM
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