Election 2008
November 05, 2008
Congratulations Everybody!

Whew! What a relief. My favorite scenario has actually come to pass.

People voted. Votes were counted. Obama won. I look like chicken little a little. The end.

Well not quite the end, in the sense that, in my state, Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages passed, which I think is quite unfortunate, and makes the progressive Obama victory just a little bittersweet...

It also made me change my "gay rights" category to "equal rights "civil rights" because this isn't about the right to be gay, it's about the right to marry whomever you wish. It's a pretty big part of that whole "pursuit of happiness" thing, if you ask me.

Update: 11/07/08 - (And yes, I just changed again. I remembered what happened with the whole ERA thing in the 80s, and how saying "equal rights" instead of "civil rights" seems to water the concept down somehow. Being able to marry whomever you wish is a CIVIL RIGHT. Ok, now I can move on...)

But alas! Time to move forward and keep up this momentum we seem to have going.

Thanks for all your information, love and support, during these past 8 years of hell.

There were some times in there when all we knew we had was each other - over the internet.

Now we are making our presence felt in the "real" world too. Good job!


Posted by Lisa at November 05, 2008 02:06 PM
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