Adventures In Hacktivism - June 2, 2003
June 03, 2003
FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein Explains Why Changing The FCC Media Ownership Rules Is Such A Bad Idea

Here's most of FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein's speech from yesterday's FCC meeting. (I missed the very beginning of it.)

He gave his speech, received polite applause, and before the applause was even over, Michael Powell took a vote, democracy went down the drain, and the meeting was adjourned.

That's when the Code Pink ladies began singing their song and were escorted out of the room by the cops.

No Hi-res or highlight reels on this one guys. There's just no time.

If anyone ever really needs a high resolution version of this for something, just let me know and I'll generate one for you (even on short notice).

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein - Near Complete

Jonathan Adelstein At FCC Vote (Small - 33 MB)
Audio - Jonathan Adelstein At FCC Vote (MP3 - 19 MB)

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