Adventures In Hacktivism - June 2, 2003
June 03, 2003
Black Voices For Peace President Damu Smith Interviewed On CSPAN About Yesterday's FCC Vote

The group Black Voices For Peace were protesting yesterday outside of the FCC Building in Washington D.C. during yesterday's meeting.

Here is an interview with its President, Damu Smith, that was broadcast yesterday on CSPAN yesterday after the re-broadcast of the meeting/vote/protest.

This is a really solid and concise three minute explanation about the greater situation and how groups such as Black Voices For Peace, and others, are starting to organize to help raise public awareness about Media Consolidation and other issues.

Damu Smith, President, Black Voices For Peace - Complete Interview

Damu Smith At FCC Vote Protest (Small - 14 MB)
Damu Smith At FCC Vote Protest (Hi-Res - 170 MB)
Audio - Damu Smith At FCC Vote Protest (MP3 - 5 MB)

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