ILaw 2003
July 08, 2003
About These ILAW Videos

I don't have any notes for these opening sessions because I was getting aquainted with following Larry around with the camera.

(Jumpy bunch those ILAW folks! -- Larry, Jonathan, Yochai, Terry, Charlie -- the whole lot of them!)

In the afternoon, I actually got to be on a panel so I had to just get a long shot for most of it (although I did end up going back and forth between being on the panel and getting some close ups when the subject matter was to precious and I knew a long shot wouldn't do.

A bit later, after I was able to get used to things, I was able to take notes while filming. You'll know when this takes place because 1) you'll have the notes and 2) you'll start to notice me missing a shot every now and then when my subject bounces out of view momentarily.

So there are trade-offs, but this whole thing's just a big experiment anyway. So it would appear that no harms done.

I would really appreciate your feedback on this footage. Does it work OK? Can you hear everything? Suggestions for next time? All that kind of stuff is duly appreciated.

Oh yeah -- Every clip is numbered in order, by day (,, etc.), so you can just watch them all in order if you like.

See more about this in the "How these files are named and organized" section I'll be putting up soon.

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