Foo Camp 2003
October 21, 2003
Second Movie From Foo Camp: "GPS Tron"

This movie documents several Foo Folks demonstrating and observing Dan Egnor's GPS Tron game. This is a game that uses wireless technology and GPS devices to play a meat space two-player running game on a field of grass. I played it. It was totally cool. (The kind of thing I could have easily played all morning if I didn't have important videoing to do :-)

Part 1 explains the interface and shows some players in action (one player is the game's creator, Dan Egnor, the other is Anselm Hook).

In Part 2, Brandon Wiley and Anselm Hook give us some first hand accounts of how the game is played.

Also included in the "All" movie is a partial interview with Dan Egnor about how he built the game, its current bugs, and how he plans on addressing them.

This is from October 12, 2003.

GPS Tron - All (Small - 13 MB)

GPS Tron - Part 1 of 2
(Small - 5 MB)

GPS Tron - Part 2 of 2
(Small - 4 MB)

Posted by Lisa at October 21, 2003 07:21 PM | TrackBack
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hahah :)

they should use the manhattan grid and their cars to get it even more Tron-ny !

There we'd really have some nasty fun...

Posted by: tristan on October 22, 2003 01:19 AM

This project is also known as "GPSTron" (hello, Google).

Posted by: Richard Soderberg on May 30, 2004 09:51 PM
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