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December 09, 2005
Why No Video Emails For My Type Pad Account?

Almost a month ago, I asked you guys to email me your movies to and let me know the ID number the Type Pad/Video Egg service emailed back to you, so I could use it within my Type Pad blog and do some kind of collaborative video thing.

Not one person emailed me about this, and I find that kind of hard to believe. Now I would appreciate it if those of you who almost did it didn't, for one reason or another. Do you just now have video cell phones? (I sure don't, so I can understand that :-)

I'm wondering what will happen if I email a non-cell phone video to the same address, so I'm going to try that, and just make it a small enough file so it won't upset any file size limitations.

I'm also wondering what people think about these flash-only solutions for video hosting that seem to be popping up everywhere. Does it bother anybody but me that the video can't be reused once it's compressed and locked up in this way?

I'll let you know how it goes. But please, if you have a second, give me some feedback on one or both of these issues at


Posted by Lisa at December 09, 2005 10:29 AM
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