Anti-War In Iraq Music
March 27, 2007
All My Political Songs in one place

I'm trying to make political tunes that are also just fun to sing. Here
are all of them with quick links:

1. Improving

2. James Brown Died On Christmas

3. Democracy

4. In the Spirit

5. James and Marybeth (about copyright law and how the public is losing their
end of the bargain)
written to James H. Billington (Librarian of Congress) and Marybeth Peters
(Register of Copyrights)

6. Here's myself and Audrey Howard in Golden Gate Park doing a cover of a
song Green Day's Billy Armstrong covering the song by
Aaron Elliot and PHGP called "Life During Wartime":

Posted by Lisa at March 27, 2007 12:09 PM
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