Blackwell Interfering With Ohio Recount-Right On Schedule

Oopsy. Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell promised America that he would not interfere with a recount. Now his office has instructed employees that Ohio voting records are not considered “public records.”
That means that Kenneth Blackwell has been caught in a big fat lie. And I’ve got the proof (I provide video and a transcript):
Last week, he promised in an interview with MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann that he wouldn’t do anything to interfere with the recount. He said he would consider it “yet another audit of the voting process.”
Here’s the story detailing Blackwell’s “lockdown” of the Ohio voting records:

Blackwell Locks Out Recount Volunteers

By Ray Beckerman.

On Friday December 10 two certified volunteers for the Ohio Recount team assigned to Greene County were in process recording voting information from minority precincts in Greene County, and were stopped mid-count by a surprise order from Secretary of State Blackwell

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  2. Daniel Quinn

    Does this current ‘melrose place’ melodrama regarding election fraud, as it pertains to 4 years ago in Florida, give you any indication of what is fundamentally wrong with the Democrats? Why do the Democrats always come to a gunfight armed only with a plastic fork? Whether it was Willie Horton ages ago, or actual votes 4 years ago and now, the point remains the same. Which is……(drumroll)
    …..The Democrats always try to ‘intellectualize’– whether its during the election to the American public, or afterwards using ‘legalese’ to an already conservative court– and the results remain the same. The right wing ‘outsells’ the Democrats during the election, and they continue to win. The point of whether or not there was election fraud should have never come up. It should be a non-existant point. Moot, by definition.
    This armor plating/Humvee scandal is just hitting the press? Just now!? And not before the election, where it might have given the American public a true understanding of whose well being and benefit the Bush’s look out for? Where this administrations loyalties and sympathies lay? Not for the American public, but for money, money, and profit.
    Was this news/scandal for some reason not allowed to ‘leak’ before the election? If so–which would be even more political cannon fodder– it doesn’t really matter, for were the plating or other interesting events or irregularities to have been ‘handled’ appropriately in campaign advertisements, the voting scandal wouldn’t have tipped the scales in favor of the Republicans. The Democrats would have won/prevailed, and this current scandal would just be a notable sidebar in how unethical the right wing truly is.
    Republicans are better salespeople, it seems, than are the democrats! What a novel concept! Doesn’t wealth, by definition, come in some part from a sale. Without a sale, where is the transfer of money? And with no transfer of money, how can there be an accumulation of wealth?
    When will the Democrats come to a boxing match fighting like a seasoned pro, and drop the Marquis of Queensbury rules? Start to get their hands dirty, and come up with something that sells?Heck, it doesn’t even have to be completely off the wall, like the Willie Horton fiasco was. It could actually be regarding a pertinent issue, that affects our daily lives. It could actually be true. And it would have just the same impact, but with the added benefit of legitimacy.
    I wrote a small note to George Soros well before the election– which he obviously never received(I wonder if it would have made a difference if he had?)– where I theorize that if the current hierarchy of the Democratic National Party were to comprise the leaders of the sales force that made up the fledgling Soros Corporation, he would be either destitute or darn near broke.
    Big business can sell, and it seems as if that is wearing off on the politicos of the conservatives during the elections. Why can’t the Democrats do the same thing? The outcome of the presidential election now comes down to life or death for hundreds. Possibly for thousands. Of Americans, and not just ‘discounted’ foriegners and ‘others’.
    When will the hierarchy of the Democrats wake up and smell the coffee? Hopefully before my two boys, ages 10 and 8, become eligible for any unnecessary draft imposed by the Bush’s and their henchman and cronies. God help somebody if it isn’t remedied before then.
    daniel Quinn
    Why Wait? Move to EarthLink.

  3. james sears

    isn’t it obvious that the (upper level) democrats are really on the same side as the republicans? isn’t it obvious that the whole political process is a dog and pony put on for YOUR benefit? isn’t it obvious that the real struggle is not right vs left or fascism vs sociolism (misspelled on purpose, the site wouldn’t take the real spelling, for some reason)or dem vs repub? those are all COLLECTIVIST ideals! the TRUE struggle is collectivism vs INDIVIDUALISM! that is what a constitutional republic (what we used to be, until recent “legal” acts eviscerated the constitution) is constructed to safeguard: the individual! the entire system has been hijacked for quite some time by these creatures, and one of their greatest triumphs has been the educational (“indoctrinational”) process that brainwashes people to only see the collectivist principles, which are a lose-lose situation in any area of the spectrum. in sociolism the gov’t tells you what to do, in democracy the majority tells you what to do, in fascism the corporations tell you what to do. in a REAL constitutional republic, the individual is protected from the ravages of these groups (notice that we, currently, are held hostage by all three groups.) proof that the collectivist spectrum of right(fascism) vs left(sociolism) is false? well, the nazis, the world’s prodigal fascists, were the national sociolist party of germany! i could go on and on, but, rather than that, i would conclude by pointing out that until each of us INDIVIDUALS wakes up to the fact that these groups (including dem. party) are a part of the problem, not the solution, we will sink futher into this tyranny. don’t rely on them to “get it together” for your benefit, because they NEVER will. wake up and fight for yourself!

  4. Pat A Democrat

    Where is the public outcry for justice in this matter. Why have the Democrats become docile. I know I worked my butt off for this election and to get John Kerry & John Edwards in the White House. So now this makes two presidential elections in a row the Republicans have stolen from us, not to say the Senate & Local elections that were probably stolen as well.
    Why are we not protesting in the streets? Why are the blue states not asking to secede? Why haven’t we called for Blackwells arrest? Why are we not protesting the Right-Winged media and buying our own media outlets and pounding our message into everyones head? I mean we do have Randy Rhodes on an AM station, can’t we do better? Why are we not reporting all the blunders of the current administration and may be head off some future ones? Is anyone else getting so frustrated by the Republicans and their lies that they want to choke the lying liars?
    Last week I was reading a message board bashing what Chevy Chase said about Bush. I posted a message thanking Chevy Chase for having the guts, the next day my post was changed to state the negative. I went back and posted several more as different users, including John Kerry with a link to the Kerry-Edwards site which stated negative things about Rush, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News and Bush. Within 2 days all of my posts were changed to say negative things about the Democrats, Chevy Chase, Al Frankin and say positive things about the Republicans. Also, the link was changed from to Talk about organized. (see this sleazy, lying site for yourself at
    The Republicans are pathetic, but if they keep getting away with this we are even more pathetic. Do we need a Civil War? Wasn’t it George Bush who said “Fool me once shame on, you fool me once, I’m not gonna be fooled again”?

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