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Obama Says Wall Street Bankers’ Actions “Weren’t necessarily against the law.”

Obama on Bank Prosecutions: They Did Nothing Illegal, Only Found Loopholes That We Worked to Close

From the article:

For perhaps the first time, President Barack Obama was forced to explain why there have been no prosecutions of Wall Street executives for their fraudulent actions during the run-up to the financial crisis. Asked by Jake Tapper to explain this behavior, Obama basically suggested that most of the actions on Wall Street weren’t illegal but just immoral, and that his Administration worked to re-regulate the financial sector with the Dodd-Frank reform legislation.

“Banks are in the business of making money, and they find loopholes,” the President said.

Apparently forging and fabricating documents to prove ownership of homes that are subsequently stolen from borrowers is now a loophole.

Many of the practices on Wall Street “weren’t necessarily against the law but they had a huge destructive impact,” said the President.

But as this Daily Show clip explains (see full episode, 8:28 minutes in), these loopholes have NOT been closed, in fact, the important parts of the Dodd-Frank Bill have yet to even be written!

This clip is about Occupy Wall Street really! The Dodd-Frank part is just at the end.

How can they wonder what the protesters are protesting about, when Obama’s now saying the financial loan crisis was nobody’s fault? It was just a few pesky loopholes!

Fox shot below from Daily Show clip:

Dodd-Frank is a Joke Apparently - And the Joke's On Us!




Great week of Daily Shows from last week

Last week was a great week of Daily Shows and Colbert Reports last week.
So far I just have the Daily Shows up here (in both Quicktime and MP3s).
There were some really relevant and incredible shows last week and I want to make sure you see all the highlights.
So I’ll be putting them up one at a time starting now, too.
Here’s the playlist I’ve started for them: December Daily Show Clips.

Jon Stewart’s Post 911 Monologue in Multiple Formats – A Great Dabble Example

Many of you responded to my request for Jon’s post-911 monologue. Thanks so much for your help.
It gives me a chance to explain how Dabble is a useful tool for collecting information about video clips.
I’ve created an example record here:
Jon Stewart’s Post-911 Monologue.
I had an embedded youtube video of this here, but it takes to long for the page to load, so you’ll have to click on More.

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Best of Daily Show vol 2 Torrent Available

Updated 11/29/05 – see new link below
This just in from one of my wonderful readers:

Want to watch clips from past year in one file? Then download this torrent:

use this url now

This project is the culmination of MANY hours of labor. It is a reprise of a
Daily show best of I made last year. I decided to do it again and this time
make a LOW quality xvid for those who don’t want to download the DVD format.
These are mostly clips of Jon, but there are pieces from each correspondent
as well. They are all just what I thought was funniest. The entire file is
about 6 hours long (you try to cut out bits from a year’s worth of TDS –
it’s HARD!)
Enjoy, and please SEED!

Bit Torrents Up Of Some Recent Daily Show Clips

CommonBits has a number of recent politically-oriented Daily Show clip
up as torrents.

GayWatch: Spokane Mayor Jim West
D.C. Evacuation and Korean Nuclear Threat
Avian Ressurection of the Arkansas Woodpecker
Great Moments in Punditry as read by Children: Scarborough Country on
Bush’s Attack on the Clinton Roadless Rule
Great Moments in Punditry as read by Children: Rev. Jerry Falwell &
Chris Matthews
An Interview with Tom Ridge
Coverage of the recent U.K. Election of Tony Blair

Daily Show Clips From May 10 and 11, 2005

These clips are from the May 10 and 11, 2005 programs.
Well, I knew this would happen at some point, I can’t tell you much more about these clips than the filenames will tell you, because I haven’t really watched them very closely. I was just trying to pump them out so I could make them available for you.
Thanks for all the great PDF advice! PDF995 ended up working great.
You guys are the best. Here’s your thank you present:

Daily Show Clips From May 10, 2005

Mirror of May 10 clips

This has a very frank Wanda Sykes interview. Impressively frank. It won’t translate well if I quote it, so I’ll let it speak for itself…but right on Wanda for being honest about Hollywood!

Daily Show Clips From May 11, 2005

Mirror of May 11 clips

(Thanks for the mirrors Guan!)
Here’s another mirror of these. (Thanks Matt!)
More on the way guys.

Daily Show Clips From May 9, 2005

These clips are from the May 9, 2005 program.
Actually, the blogging clip might be from the 10th. (Sorry.)

Daily Show Clips From May 9, 2005

Mirror of these clips
(Please use it! 🙂 (thanks Guan!)
another mirror of these clips. (Thanks Matt!)
Metadata that goes with these clips (you can tell which is which from the filenames):
CNN’s stupid blogging segments – where people actually just read from blogs verbatim, as if it’s news.
A movie about Texas’ freaked-out cheerleading censorship law.
Bush’s visit to Russia – Putin on 60 minutes. (
Samantha Bee covers the online gambling craze.
How Arnie’s Screwing Over California Educators (and therefore California Education)
The Roadless Area conservation rule that Clinton signed into law before he left, and how the repubs are going about overturning it.

Mirrors For Daily Show Clips

Okay, so, like I said, I’m trying to be constructive about the fact that I’m going to be homebound for a few days, so I’m going to try to bang out this and last week’s Daily Show clips for starters.
Can those with available mirror space please email me at so we can proceed?
I’m really sorry for being so swamped these last few months and flaking out on my Daily Show responsibilities. I’m trying to re-org my schedule so I have at least a few hours a week to get those suckers up.
Thanks for being patient. (Only a few of you have been politely nudging…which I don’t mind at all 🙂
P.S. Will those of you that kindly donated mirror space in the past that I never linked to please re-connect with me so I can get that stuff up too? It amazes me how, what should be a quick thing to link to (once I’ve done the hard part – generating all the clips and uploading to the various servers) can get back burnered when things start picking up at the record label. I appreciate it so much that you would mirror clips for me, and I don’t mean to be careless with your time and energy. Many apoly-logies for that.