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Pepper Spray Creator/Police Certifier Says Pepper Spraying Peaceful Protesters “Improper and Inappropriate”

Video of peaceful protesters being pepper sprayed at U.C. Davis:


Pepper-Spray Creator Decries Use of Chemical Agent on Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protesters

From the Democracy Now introduction of the interview with pepper spray creator/certifier Kamran Loghman:

It’s not unprecedented for an inventor to voice regrets when a creation turns out to have harmful uses. It is widely believed the Swedish industrialist, Alfred Nobel, created the Peace Prize bearing his name in response to feelings of guilt around his invention of dynamite and ballistite, both of which were used in violent acts during his lifetime. The famed physicist, Albert Einstein, was said to be greatly distressed for unintentionally advancing the development of the atomic bomb through his work. Today in the aftermath of the crackdown on Occupy Wall Street protesters nationwide, there is a new name to add to the list, Kamran Loghman.

In the 80’s Loghman was the expert responsible with the FBI in developing weapons grade pepper spray. He also collaborated with police departments to develop guidelines for pepper spray’s use. But now after seeing footage of police using pepper spray on non-violent Occupy Wall Street protesters nationwide, including students at UC Davis, protesters with the Occupy movement in New York and 84 year old protester Dora Lee Rainey in Seattle, Kamran Loghman is speaking out against what he calls the most inappropriate and improper use of chemical agents he has ever seen.

Quotes from the interview with Kamran Loghman:

“What occurred here is that in UC Davis you see a complete improper and inappropriate use. Normally pepper spray is used when there is a physical threat to the police officers or bystanders or there is a possibility of property damage and you see that things are going haywire. In that situation, police officers are justified to bring things under control by using a force that is not deadly, such as pepper spray. In the case of UC Davis, individuals are totally quiet. They are not saying anything and they are not harming anybody and they are not being aggressive to police officers. So the use was just absolutely out of ordinary and was not in accordance with any training or policy of any department that I know of. I personally certified 4000 police officers in the early 80’s and 90’s and I have never seen this before and that’s why I was shocked. That’s why I have come up and I feel it is my civic duty to explain to the public that this is not what pepper spray was developed for.

“It is becoming more and more fashionable this day and age to use chemical on people who have an opinion and that, to me, is a complete lack of leadership both in the police department and other people who cannot really deal with the root of the problem and they want to spray people to quiet them down and it is really not supposed to be that. It is not a thing that solves any problem, nor is it something that quiets people down.”

Specifically about U.C. Davis in general:

“But in regards to the way the officer handled the situation, well it is obvious that many things went wrong. They did not use pepper spray justifiably according the use of force policy that they are trained for. They used a canister that was too large and was not meant for that kind of environment at such a close range. They did not properly decontaminate students where students were screaming and yelling for water, but what is really important is that we keep focusing on what happened at that moment. I really want to take that back because I go around the country and talk about leadership and I just finished one at US Naval Academy. I think the lack of leadership was very important because that is one of the things I train police officers. One of the most important things here was for someone to go back, bring the professor who has some affinity and wisdom to talk to the students and say listen, you made your point. Why don’t we create a group? Why don’t we go to an amphitheater? Let’s do all of us help. Let the whole college help you guys so the world can all hear your voice. I don’t think anybody was interacting with these people in the right way and they would just let them sit there and then treat them like insects. Let’s go ahead and spray them as if you are watering plants.”

Family Guy Writer Documents His Arrest and Mistreatment by LAPD at Occupy LA

Another upsetting first hand account of the police’s (LAPD) treatment of peaceful protestors in LA:

My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan

From the post:

When the LAPD finally began arresting those of us interlocked around the symbolic tent, we were all ordered by the LAPD to unlink from each other (in order to facilitate the arrests). Each seated, nonviolent protester beside me who refused to cooperate by unlinking his arms had the following done to him: an LAPD officer would forcibly extend the protestor’s legs, grab his left foot, twist it all the way around and then stomp his boot on the insole, pinning the protestor’s left foot to the pavement, twisted backwards. Then the LAPD officer would grab the protestor’s right foot and twist it all the way the other direction until the non-violent protestor, in incredible agony, would shriek in pain and unlink from his neighbor.

It was horrible to watch, and apparently designed to terrorize the rest of us. At least I was sufficiently terrorized. I unlinked my arms voluntarily and informed the LAPD officers that I would go peacefully and cooperatively. I stood as instructed, and then I had my arms wrenched behind my back, and an officer hyperextended my wrists into my inner arms. It was super violent, it hurt really really bad, and he was doing it on purpose. When I involuntarily recoiled from the pain, the LAPD officer threw me face-first to the pavement. He had my hands behind my back, so I landed right on my face. The officer dropped with his knee on my back and ground my face into the pavement. It really, really hurt and my face started bleeding and I was very scared. I begged for mercy and I promised that I was honestly not resisting and would not resist.

My hands were then zipcuffed very tightly behind my back, where they turned blue. I am now suffering nerve damage in my right thumb and palm.

I was put on a paddywagon with other nonviolent protestors and taken to a parking garage in Parker Center. They forced us to kneel on the hard pavement of that parking garage for seven straight hours with our hands still tightly zipcuffed behind our backs. Some began to pass out. One man rolled to the ground and vomited for a long, long time before falling unconscious. The LAPD officers watched and did nothing.

Occupy Oakland and Occupy Snow Park Update – The Day After the Razing

11:20 – Updated Here’s a Huffington Post Blog Story about it, with a lot of other good articles underneath it.


8:54 AM: So the Oakland Police Department, and many other police departments, joined together to tear gas and rubber bullet (and don’t forget the Flash Concussion Grenades) the peaceful non-violent protesters into leaving. Then they kept it up all night. Turning the lights off before conducting the later attacks, so the news helicopters couldn’t see what was going on below.

I was not there. Frankly, I was afraid to be there, and with good reason, after hearing about what took place. Plus, arguably I’m more useful retweeting from my post – producing a stream of relevant tweets for those following along. Last night, they were following along in horror, and there were as many comments about how sad and horrible the current state of our country was for this to be taking place at all, as there were about the events themselves.

I have two first hand accounts from the Snow Park extension. I will keep them anonymous (heh! what a loaded word that has become :-], but they are probably available for comment if you are a member of the press and would like to talk to them.

Person 1: Young Male, Black – He was arrested in the Snow Park Camp at 6:10 am, when the cops rushed in. He was released this morning at 2am, and has been charged with “refusing to leave a park.”

Person 2: Young Male, White – Was not arrested (I know how it looks, but that’s not my point right now.) He went back to join the others at Occupy Oakland after the Snow Bank extension had been decimated. They tried to set up again yesterday, but were immediately Raided. He was downtown all of last night and said “cops have shooting us with bullets and tear gas pretty much all night and day.”


Oakland’s Snow Park and Main Occupy Oakland Camp’s Attacked By Police – Occupiers Re-Occupying Oakland

Updated 7:31 pm

This is Snow Park right now:

Snow Park - Oakland, CA - October 25, 2011 - 7:30 pm - Photo by @jankyhellface

Updated 5:23 pm

(This is amazing front-line footage with the video guy calling out badge numbers from time to time.)

Here’s a video of the Razing of Occupy Oakland. I mean they leveled the place. Tore it to the GROUND – Crusades style!

Here’s a video of the Attack on Snow Park.


The Snow Park Occupy Oakland Extension called me this morning at 6am to let  me know they were being attacked. The next two hours were pretty horrible, as I watched first hand accounts of police brutality of ever flavor imaginable pouring over the feeds.

Tear Gas, Flash Grenades, Rubber Bullets, and LRAD sound cannons ALL USED EXCESSIVELY. (A lot to use to just round up people that are lying there in their sleeping bags – Arguably, by anyone’s standards.) They went out of their way to destroy whatever property they could with boxcutters and other tools. It was a real disgrace. It makes my stomach turn, and makes me not want to vote for Mayor Quan ever again, if she’s capable of pulling off something like this with a clear conscience.

There were cops from a number of different police forces. Here’s an SFGate article with details on that.


This just in from Anonymous:



Last night we faced an absolutely brutal assault by an army of the Oakland Police (with the help of cops from all over Northern California). Tear gas and flash bangs were fired into the camp where children were sleeping, people were beaten and shot with rubber bullets. The assault was also levied against our property in the camp, and the cops tried their best to completely destroy everything we had there. Almost every tent has been destroyed, many slashed with boxcutters, structures smashed, basically this was not an eviction, they came in to destroy everything we had. After they flattened our main camp, they also went to our small camp in Snow Park and repeated the process there.

Though we may be bloodied, we are even more determined to keep going. As we agreed upon in General Assembly, on the evening following any police assault on our camp, we will reconvening at the Oakland Public Library, on the steps. We will discuss our options and pick one, and then take action as a community to respond / rebuild our occupation. This is a big deal, we need everyone and their mother to come out, to help us reestablish and recommit to the occupation. They will not stop us. We will overcome this attack and emerge even stronger.






700 Arrested On Brooklyn Bridge Saturday After NYPD Led Them There and Trapped Them

Wow I’m really surprised that this took place last weekend, but maybe I shouldn’t be.

Here’s the full article from Raw Story with a Democracy Now video.

From the article, quoting, Marina Sitrin,  an attorney from Occupy Wall Street’s legal working group:

“I think we have seen this a few times before, but it is an attempt, in our opinion as both a legal group and I think also the activist group, to intimidate people so that they don’t come out into the street,” Sitrin said.

“Including last weekend, it was wrapping people in that net on the sidewalk,” she continued. “Which is very similar to the police allowing people to walk somewhere and then wrapping them up again.”

“So, kind of giving the impression that where ever you go, you are not safe from potential arrest, and I think it is a potential message to people around the country, who are continuing to organize, that if you go out in the street, if you go on the sidewalk, there’s really nowhere where you could potentially be safe if you want to exercise your right to protest and to organize.”

The Atlantic Exposes A Sneaky Cop Pepper Spraying Protesters When No One’s Looking

Cheers to The Atlantic for bringing this to light.

An Important Video to Watch: Pepper-Spray by a Cruel and Cowardly NYC Cop

From The Atlantic Article:

“He walks up; unprovoked he shoots Mace or pepper spray straight into the eyes of women held inside a police enclosure; he turns and walks away quickly (as they scream, wail, and fall to the ground clawing at their eyes) in a way familiar from hitmen in crime movies; and he discreetly reholsters his spray can.

You may have already seen this. If you haven’t, it is worth knowing about. If this is what it looks like, it is outrageous. The mayor and others should say something. And this man can certainly be identified.”


Collection of Articles To Date On Carol Fisher – Still In Jail For Hanging A Poster In Cleveland

Wish I could do more right now. At least maybe this will save some time for someone else wanting to do something.
This goes with this post.
Sorry I can’t do more right now Carol…

Various dates
Fact Sheet on the Arrest, Trial and Conviction of Carol Fisher
"The verdict will be appealed … Carol’s attorneys, Terry Gilbert
and Dan Shields,
are working pro-bono. Donations thus far have covered the costs of the trial
but ongoing expenses will mount for the appeal, including to obtain a copy
of the trial transcript."

June 21, 2006
Cleveland Indy Media Center
6.21 Update on Carol Fisher
"Carol Fisher has now been in jail for 3 weeks…"

June 16, 2006
Police Crimes Forum,
Judge Timothy McGinty is a Communist
"A 51-year-old Ohio woman was sentenced Friday to 60 days in jail…"

June 7, 2006
World Can’t Wait
Carol Fisher Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail And 2 Years Probation
"I spoke to Carol Fisher on the phone from the Cuyahoga County jail this

June 3, 2006
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Protester is defiant to the last
"Political activist Carolyn Fisher stood before a Cuyahoga County judge
and remained defiant even as she faced jail time for attacking two police officers."

June 3, 2006
Cleveland Indy Media Center
Carol Fisher defiant to the last
Same story as above, reprinted with 5 big photos

June 2, 2006
The Free Press (Ohio)
Judge McGinty threatens to send Carol Fisher to jail on June 2
"Carol Fisher, an activist with "The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out
the Bush Regime," will be sentenced this Friday, June 2…"

June 2, 2006
Woman Refuses To Change Anti-Bush Shirt For Sentencing
Protester Gets 60 Days In Jail For Assaulting Police Officers
(includes photo of T-shirt)
"A woman convicted of assaulting Cleveland Heights police officers appeared
in court for sentencing Friday morning, but the sentencing was delayed when
the judge said she must change her clothes…"

June 2, 2006
Case disposition:

May 16, 2006
Carol Fisher case suggests pattern of law enforcement/judicial irregularities
"Here is some additional information on the Carol Fisher case…"

May 14, 2006
VooDoo Knickers
You Must Be Crazy!!
Blogger describes the scene in the courtroom.
"Terry Gilbert, one of Carol’s attorneys said, “This is Gulag
stuff–saying that people who are dissidents are crazy.” He said
that in his 33 years of practicing law, he has never seen anything like this
… McGinty started off the hearing by making Carol stand up and had one of
her attorneys read her t-shirt … McGinty then said this was further proof
she is delusional."

May 13, 2006
Call4Investigation (Seattle):
Includes some courtroom quotes from McGinty:
‘He went even further in yesterday’s hearing, saying that her opposition to
the Bush regime makes her "delusional." … He also kept saying Carol "wants" to
go to jail, and that she has a "martyr complex."
When Carol tried to explain why she wouldn’t take this test, the judge’s only
response was, "I do not negotiate with felons."’;article=101113;title=APFN

May 11, 2006
Women’s Space/The Margins
Free Carol Fisher! Judge Orders Peace Activist to Jail Psych Unit
"Judge Timothy McGinty has forcibly incarcerated Carol Fisher in the psych
unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail in downtown Cleveland, for an undetermined
period of time. McGinty is forcing Fisher to undergo a state psychological
exam as part of her pre-sentencing investigation…"

May 15, 2006
Republic Broadcasting Network
The Investigative Journal
Host: Greg Szymanski
Hour 1 (
Hour 2 (
Finally, Greg was joined by Terry Gilbert, attorney for Carol Fisher, who was
recently convicted of two felonies in connection with her putting up anti-Bush
posters in Cleveland Heights. Fisher was recently incarcerated and forced to
take a state psych evaluation. Don’t miss this interview as her attorney says
it’s "a gulag situation" right here in America.’
(Home page:

April 29, 2006
The Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Reporting the verdict.
"A jury found a Cleveland Heights peace activist guilty
Friday afternoon of assaulting two police officers who told her to stop putting
posters on telephone poles.Carolyn Fisher, 53, was released on bail but ordered
to undergo a psychiatric evaluation while awaiting a June 2 sentencing for assaulting
Cleveland Heights police officers Dan Downing and Mike Frinzl.Fisher was putting
up anti-President-Bush posters Jan. 28 when the officers confronted her.Cuyahoga
County Common Pleas Judge Timothy J. McGinty suggested that Fisher return to
court with a heartfelt apology for the officers or "bring your
toothbrush," indicating that she would be sent to prison."

April 28, 2006
Cleveland World Can’t Wait
Includes update from Carol Fisher herself, downloadable petition, address
for sending money, contact info for City Council:

April 28, 2006
Cleveland Indy Media Center
"Carol Fisher was found guilty today of two counts of felonious assault
of two 200 + pound Cleveland Heights policemen (who, collectively, can bench
700 lbs) and whose testimony contained serious contradictions. None of the
other witnesses provided by the prosecution actually saw “the assault.” Their
claims had more to do with Carol’s perceived lack respect for authority.
The jury deliberated for more than 8 hours over two days before announcing
the verdict.
Former prosecutor Judge McGinty, who was supposedly “randomly” assigned
to Carol’s case, is known to be “police-friendly,” a fact
that was painfully obvious to observers."

April 1, 2006
Liberty Forum
In this article Carol Fisher tells what happened in her own words. Also includes
picture of Fisher and ‘Cleveland Heights Police Beats Up Girls’ poster.

Mar. 30, 2006
Cleveland Indy Media Center
Urgent update–Carol Fisher
by carol fisher Thursday, Mar. 30, 2006
"Funds urgently needed for legal defense. Make checks out to ‘Carol Fisher
Defense Fund’ and mail to NION/WCW PO Box 609034 Cleveland OH 44109…"

January 25, 2006
Judge McGinty’s official page with photo.
(Apparently the URL was changed recently. The URL given on the
page no longer works):

February 6, 2006
City Council meeting minutes (Carol Fisher stuff starts
on Page 4).
Some citizens stand up make speeches to protest Carol Fisher’s treatment at
a City Council meeting.

Woman Arrested and Jailed For Putting Up A Poster In Cleveland – Confirmed

I don’t want this to be true. But I think it is. Update 5/16/06 – this is true guys. I’ve found a lot of info on it and will be posting here asap.
Things are getting really freaky. Sure, it happened in Cleveland, but it could happen anywhere, if it’s allowed to happen there.
Here’s the link from the World Can’t wait website.

Defend World Can’t Wait Activist Brutalized and Arrested by Police for Postering

This is from an email sent to me:

May 9: Judge Timothy McGinty forcibly incarcerated Carol Fisher in
the psych unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail in downtown Cleveland,
where she now sits for an indefinite period of time.
In a hastily called hearing yesterday, Judge McGinty made a highly
unusual and outrageous decision to force Carol to undergo a state
psychological exam as part of her pre-sentencing investigation. From
the very start of Carol’s case, the judge has openly said that she
must have mental problems for resisting an unlawful and brutal
encounter with Cleveland Heights police. He went even further in
yesterday’s hearing, saying that her opposition to the Bush regime
makes her “delusional.”

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