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Virtual Reality Museum, Art Gallery & Fun House of My Dreams Is A Go

I am building a virtual reality museum, art gallery and fun house to share the archives and stories of Dr. Timothy Leary, Aaron Swartz & Chelsea Manning.

I am learning from the people around me in my Aaron Swartz Day world and also from many people in a COOL makerspace named NoiseBridge, in San Francisco. (You can donate to them here – and they need a new location soon too! In case you happen to have a bitchin space you might want to rent to them 🙂

I am having amazing experiences and learning so much every day, since I’ve been learning things there.

I am keeping notes and creating tutorials, and I will be launching separate blogs about everything soon 🙂

In one of the first exhibits of the VR Museum, “The History of Aaron Swartz Day,” I will show several variations of the historic poster (created by Ryan Junell) when we were experimenting with posters.

Most of these were never seen, like this one below.

Experimental version of the Aaron Swartz Day poster by Ryan Junell. (Original photo by Quinn Norton.)