One thought on “Info About Voting Early In The Recall Election

  1. bronte

    Lisa Rein is an ignorant blind fool! Just take these drugs for a year and find yourself the benefactor of brain damge moron! You are one ignorant “Babe”. I hope your happy…it’s people like you with a “BIG” mouth and no life experience who give people poor guidance. Check out he webpage ”GENOCIDE IN AMERICA BY AMERICAN HOME PRODUCTS” i’M ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK PH/FEN FOR A YEAR AND NOW HAS THE PROOF THAT GEORGE RICAURTE WAS RIGHT DO YOU????????????????????? STOP GIVING ADVICE TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT………..GROW UP! I HOPE YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN KARMA…..BECAUSE YOU JUST REAPED A WHOLE LOT OF BAD BACK TO YOU.

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