Nice Commentary In Yahoo News – “‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Clash with Police”

D. Benjamin Satkowiak has written a concise, extremely objective piece about the last week of events, he links straight to some of the most important videos – and he brings up the critical issue for filming police while they perform their duties in public — although sometimes on private property.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Clash with Police

As I read this article this morning, one thing became clear to me:


You’ve got their attention. They are listening.

Pat yourself on the back people! God damn! I’m impressed.

As the article points out, this message was delivered at great expense to the participating protesters.

From the article:

‘In its second week, the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have brought forth a legitimate argument as it relates to the Federal Reserve’s role in the declining American economy. Unfortunately, it appears to have done so at a great cost to those who have voiced their opinions at the Manhattan event.

On Saturday, things turned ugly as police arrested approximately 100 demonstrators. Some of which, as numerous videos and photos from the event show, were met with extreme prejudice and blatant police brutality, furthering the demonstrator’s cases that the government and its economic arm at the Federal Reserve are delivering the nation into a tyrannical “police state.”

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