Published Articles By Lisa Rein

Rein, L. (2017, August 30). Interview with Timothy Leary’s Archivist Michael Horowitz [Article]. BoingBoing.

Rein, L. (2017, April 19) Today is the 74th anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s first LSD trip [Article] BoingBoing.

Rein, L. (2016, November 24) Never before published photos from Psychedelic Conference II in Santa Barbara, 1983 [Photographs by Cynthia Palmer]

Rein, L. with Doctorow, C. and Keith, M. (2016, August 1) Chelsea Manning, on facing life in solitary after attempting suicide

Rein, L. (2016, June 20) Acid Bodhisattva: The History of the Timothy Leary Archives During His Prison and Exile Years, 1970-1976 (Part Two) [Article]

Rein, L. (2015, November 23) Acid Bodhisattva: The History of the Timothy Leary Archives During His Prison and Exile Years, 1970-1976 (Part One) [Article]

Rein, L. (2014, November 7). How to Celebrate Aaron Swartz’s Legacy? Go to a Hackathon This WeekendA co- founder of Creative Commons talks about the Internet activist. [Article]

Rein, L. (2014, June 2). 7 Things You Might Be Doing Online That Could Get You Arrested: The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a criminal statute originally intended to prosecute felony computer hacking, can now result in a person’s going to prison for failing to abide by a website’s terms of service or end user agreement. [Article].

Rein, L. and Horowitz, M. (2014, June 5). Timothy Leary and Marshall McLuhan, turned on and tuned in [Article]. BoingBoing.

Rein,L. and Horowitz,M.(2014,June5).Leary,McLuhan and ElectronicTechnology[Article]. TimothyLeary

Rein, L. (2013, August 6). HRDAG and the Digital Commons [Article]. the-digital-commons/

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Rein, L. and Horowitz, M. (2012, September 10). Dock Ellis, Timothy Leary, LSD and America’s favorite pastime [Article]. Timothy Leary americas-favorite-pasttime/

Rein, L. and Horowitz. M. (2012, June 25). Never before published transcript of a conversation between John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Timothy Leary and Rosemary Leary – at the Montreal Bed-In, May 1969 [Article]. Timothy Leary conversation-between-john-lennon-yoko-ono-timothy-leary-and-rosemary-leary-%e2%80%93-at-the- montreal-bed-in-may-1969/

Rein, L. (2010, October 18). Hey, Mr. Spaceman: An interview with Edgar Mitchell [Article]. Humanity + Magazine.

Rein, L. (2009, August 24). Crashing Into The Moon. [Article] Humanity + Magazine.

Rein, L. (2009, July 5). Vint Cerf at Singularity University on social networking [Article]. Humanity + Magazine.

Rein, L. (2009, June 26). Life on Mars with Pete Worden [Article]. Humantiy+ Magazine.

Rein, L. (2007, October 24). Of mice and mitochondria… applying AI to bioinformatics to cure disease – interview with Ben Goertzel [Article] On Lisa Rein’s Radar.

Rein, L. (2004, December 29). It ain’t over till it’s over: A roundup of the recent events surrounding election 2004’s Ohio recount and voting machine fraud situation [Article]. Lisa  (The documentary film, Stealing America: Vote by Vote, Produced and Directed by Dorothy Fadiman, and using footage from my television archive, was based on the above article.

Rein, L. (2004, January 22). Brewster Kahle on the Internet Archive and people’s technology [Article].

Rein, L. (2003, September 11). Commentary: What’s real and make-believe with the RIAA subpoenas? [Article].

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Rein, L. (1999, May 5). The evolution of a privacy standard [Article].

Rein, L. (1998, December 19). XML in Ship-to-Shore Telemedicine [Article].

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