Alcor Excerpt From Tim Leary’s Book

The story I just blogged about the nano tech talks at the cryonics conference reminded me that Timothy Leary wrote about Alcor in the book I worked on with him (Surfing the Conscious Nets). (Contrary to popular belief, however, Tim did not freeze his remains.)

I went and dug up the reference to Alcor, just for fun. For those of you with a copy of Surfing the Conscious Nets around, it’s on page 16. For the rest of you, I’ve created a scan here:

I’m sure this is OK with both Last Gasp publisher Ron Turner, who is a friend of mine, and would consider it promotion for the book, and Tim Leary himself, because he told me in 1995 that it was his dream to have all of his works freely available online. A dying wish, if you will.
(Yeah, we’re talking everything. So I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a few scans.)

On the bright side of the ledger, John Lilly, Jack Nicholson and Michelle Phillips have escaped with their “souls” intact. So far! Several of the lesser known Gabor sisters, rumor has it, had their pretty heads sliced and diced by Dr. Sidney Cohen’s gang. Elvis Presley? Who knows? Walt Disney? Janis Joplin? Jim Morrison? Just who exactly still lives frozen in blessed hibernation in the re-animation vaults of the Alcor-CryoCare Cryonics Foundation, in Riverside, California, as Jimi Hendrix does? — no thanks to Nick Rogue–all credit to Michael Hollingshead.
Then Andy Warhol started phoning me day and night. Cryonics is all Andy thinks about these days. So he says.

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  1. Dav

    There was a book I read a long time ago that altered my life, it probably was the first landmark on the road I’ve been travelling ever since: Great Mambo Chicken & The Transhuman Condition: Science Slightly Over The Edge by Ed Regis. A fantastic book, truly fantastic. Anyhow, it goes into Alcor and the principle of cryogenic re-animation in some detail. It also goes into Evil Knievel. Vroom vroom.

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